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Examples of "prevot"
Best Off is a French aircraft manufacturer founded in Toulouse by Philippe Prevot to market his Sky Ranger ultralight.
Ferdinand Prévôt (2 May 1800 – 11 June 1879) was a French operatic bass-baritone. His surname is also found spelled as Prevot or Prévost.
Prevot Island () is a small rocky island 0.5 nautical miles (0.9 km) northeast of Miller Island, forming the northernmost of the Wauwermans Islands, in the Wilhelm Archipelago. The name was approved by the Argentine geographic coordinating committee in 1956, replacing the provisional toponym "Fernando." Named in memory of First Lieutenant Prevot, commander of the mobile detachment in the operations of the Argentine Air Force unit for Antarctica. He died on active duty.
Marie Baptiste née "Dumont", also known as Mademoiselle le Prévost (or Prevot) (born in Bordeaux, France - died after 1786), was a French actress and singer. She spent a large part of her career in Sweden, where she was the perhaps most significant female star of the French Theatre during the Age of Liberty.
Atkinson competed in an Australian-run Skoda in the 2012 FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, driving for the MRF team in a Skoda Fabia S2000, co-driven by regular wingman Stephane Prevot and the pair were crowned 2012 FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Champions.
In the final there was a group of six riders. Lizzie Armitstead won the sprint, ahead of Ferrand-Prevot and Van Der Breggen, winning the first World Cup race of the season for . Behind the six riders Annemiek van Vleuten won the sprint of the peloton ahead of Ellen van Dijk.
She is married to fellow biologist Bernard Mathey-Prevot with whom she has two children, Camille and Nicolas. She is the great granddaughter of New York Court of Appeals Judge William Shankland Andrews and Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews, and also a direct descendant of Charles Andrews and Frederic Dan Huntington.
Since the Sark court refused to let an Anglican to power, Philippe had to request the British crown to dissolve the court in 1675. When such was done through the Order in Council of 1675, the Seigneur of Sark instated a jurisdiction composed of a Seneschal, Greffier and Prevot.
In April 2010, Chris Atkinson began a partnership with the Proton R3 Rally Team. Competing in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), Atkinson drove a Proton Satria Neo Super 2000, alongside co-driver Stephane Prevot. Also driving for the Proton R3 Rally Team was former WRC driver Alister McRae.
In their video about the history of guarapachangueo, Los Chinitos say that initially the word "guarapachangueo" was used by their colleague musician in a disparaging way: "What kind of guarapachangueo are you playing?". Pancho Quinto and his group Yoruba Andabo also played a vital role in the development of the genre. The word derives from "guarapachanga", itself a portmanteau of "guarapo" and "pachanga" coined by composer Juan Rivera Prevot in 1961.
The album is based on the story of French writer and navigator Antoine de Saint-Exupery who took off in an attempt at a long distance flight from Paris to Saigon (1935). He crashed in the Sahara Desert many hours later stranded with his co pilot Prevot. Later he recounted his experience in a book called Wind, Sand and Stars and this story forms the basis of the ""Tick Tock"" album.
In January the team scored 1st and 3rd in the UCI World Cyclo-cross championships, with Ferrand-Prevot and Vos respectively. This was the year that saw Marianne Vos in recovery mode taking most of the year off due to injury. In the first European road race of the season, the Omloop het Nieuwsblad, the team rode very strongly. With 30 km to go Anna van der Breggen escaped together with Ellen van Dijk () from a front group of 15 riders on the "Molenberg". The duo extended their advantage over the cobbled sections that followed, holding off the chase group to the line, where Van der Breggen won the two-up sprint.
The Navy announced 14 April 2009 that "Hartford"s skipper, Commander Ryan Brookhart, was relieved of duty by Rear Admiral Michael J. Connor because of a loss of confidence in Brookhart's ability to command. The Chief of the Boat, Master Chief Electronics Technician Stefan Prevot, was also relieved. Brookhart was replaced by Commander Chris Harkins, deputy commander of Submarine Squadron Eight. In addition, the navigator, executive officer, weapons officer and 10 other sailors were subjected to non-judicial punishment. Furthermore, administrative action was taken against three direct support element members assigned to Naval Information Operations Command in Georgia plus a fleet intelligence specialist based near Washington, D.C.
Roland Prevot started Aviakit to produce kits for home building of his two seat, side-by-side configuration, ultralight design, originally named the Aviakit Hermès. It was intended as an ultralight that could be quite quickly (300 hours) assembled by inexperienced constructors. In September 2001 production rights were acquired by PJB Aerocomposite and the aircraft renamed the Aviakit Véga 2000 or Aerocomposite Véga 2000 but the arrangement ran into financial difficulties and in June 2004 Aviakit were reformed to produce what has since been known as the Aviakit Véga 3000.
Caro died on 17 November 2010 in France, after spending about two weeks in hospital with acute respiratory disease. The cause of her death is unknown, although it was probably as a result of immunodeficiency due to anorexia. Caro's acting instructor, Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot, told the Associated Press news agency that Caro had died "after returning to France" from a job in Tokyo, and that "she had been sick for a very long time" (in reference to her anorexia). Her family only reported Caro's death to the media a month afterward, on 29 December 2010. Caro died in Paris and is buried in the Cimetière du Montparnasse. On 18 January 2011, it was reported that Caro's mother, Marie, had killed herself during the previous week.
As an established contender, the Alief Taylor football program holds many expectations of future success and this is marked by the 2012-2013 season with many sport publications such as Vype magazine, Dave Campbell's Texas football, Texas 5A and The Houston Chronicle predicting Alief Taylor to finish 1st in the 18-5A district in 2012. The Alief Taylor Lions team carries a lot of expectations. The roster includes 5 seniors with division one football offers. Players on Alief Taylor with offers include Torrodney Prevot (Oregon), Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (Oklahoma), Trevorris Johnson (TCU), Duke Ejiofor (Wake Forest), Jonathan Wiggins (Texas A&M.)The 2013 season shows plenty of promise with 4 seniors and counting with division one offers. Chris Hardeman (Oklahoma State), Joshua Kalu (Nebraska) Keenen Brown (Oklahoma State)and Romello Brooker (Houston).
Tamer Received his coaching diploma from the General Syndicate of Professions Sport Cairo, Egypt. He worked as the Egyptian National foil team coach for the senior, junior and cadet teams (men and women) from January 2009 until September 2011, He was coaching the Egyptian youth olympic team at the youth Olympic games Singapore 2010, also he was the Fencing Head Coach and Technical Director at El Gezira sporting Club in Cairo from 2008 to 2011, he worked for two years with the Polish coach Powel Kantorsky and for a period of time with the Italian Maistro Andrea Borella and he got the title of Prevot DE fleiret from the US fencing coaching association . He is an FIE International referee in the disciplines of foil and epee.
Martine Bertereau came from a noble French family in the Touraine who were traditionally engaged in mining. She married Jean de Chastelet, Baron de Beausoleil et d'Auffenbach an expert in mining. The Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph, had made him the commissioner general of the mines of Hungary. In this capacity they traveled widely visiting mines in South America, Hungary and Germany. In 1626, they were commissioned by King Henry IV to survey France for possible mine locations and revive the French mining industry. They established a base at Morlaix in Brittany. Their activity aroused suspicions in the provincial clergy that their methods involved magic and a priest, the Prevot Provincial named, Touche-Grippé searched their châteaux looking for incriminating material. No charges we made but the couple were forced to leave France. They were invited back under King Louis XIII to continue their work.
Seward was born on March 23, 1878 in Wilmington, Delaware, the son of Reverend Samuel S. Seward II and Christina Kimber. He had a brother, John Perry Seward, a homeopathic physician. He graduated from Columbia University in 1899 and was a member of its Glee Club. He had three children: Frederick Kimber Seward, Jr. (1904-1967); Katharine Seward (1908-?) and Samuel S. Seward III (1910-1989). In 1908 he started work at the law firm of Curtis, Mallet, Prevot & Colt in New York City. He served on the Board of Trustees of George Gustav Heye's Museum of the American Indian starting in 1916. During World War II he served on New York City's wartime rationing board.
The 2014 season marked a different start to the season for the team. Marianne Vos started her road season late, leaving the team to support other riders in the opening races of the year. Lucinda Brand won the team's first General classification of the year at the Energiewacht Tour. Pauline Ferrand-Prévot won the La Flèche Wallonne Féminine with Anna van der Breggen claiming victory at the Dwars door de Westhoek. van der Breggen then claimed overall victory at the Festival Luxembourgeois du cyclisme féminin Elsy Jacobs with Marianne Vos winning the Points classification and Ferrand-Prévot taking both the Mountains and Young rider classification. Vos then claimed overall victory at the inaugural Women's Tour of Britain. The team won further race General classifications with overall victory at the Emakumeen Euskal Bira for Ferrand-Prevot and the 2014 Giro d'Italia Femminile