Synonyms for priyantun or Related words with priyantun

salapan              pharro              gangsal              dalapan              tujuah              luangphabang              kherwari              naukanski              phunderdihari              spuloh              imithandazo              satunggal              hiduplah              galangang              kamelya              setunggal              reethapuram              bhilodi              mantatao              burig              chocangaca              yartsa              kalogeros              wolu              satalkheri              napulo              swadha              atunasia              ingsun              kalih              andhakara              welas              singnapur              ampek              appalu              lykaio              tomman              kaminada              sapuluh              poedjawijatna              bhru              pingayut              hallelot              kuusjoki              sampulu              chaang              twie              kilkunda              harong              tatdo             

Examples of "priyantun"
The Javanese ("Ngoko" Javanese: , "Madya" Javanese: , "Krama" Javanese: , "Ngoko" Gêdrìk: wòng Jåwå, "Madya" Gêdrìk: tiyang Jawi, "Krama" Gêdrìk: priyantun Jawi, Indonesian: suku Jawa) are an ethnic group native to the Indonesian island of Java. With approximately 100 million people (), they form the largest ethnic group in Indonesia. They are predominantly located in the central to eastern parts of the island. There are also significant numbers of people of Javanese descent in most Provinces of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Suriname, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.
The Tenggerese ("Ngoko" Javanese: , "Madya" Javanese: , "Krama" Javanese: , "Ngoko" Gêdrìk: wòng Tĕnggĕr, "Madya" Gêdrìk: tiyang Tĕnggĕr, "Krama" Gêdrìk: priyantun Tĕnggĕr, Indonesian: suku Tengger) people are a Javanese ethnic group in eastern Java who claim to be the descendants of the Majapahit princes. Their population of roughly 100,000 is centered in 30 villages in the isolated Tengger mountains (Mount Bromo) in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in eastern Java.
The Osing people ("Ngoko" Javanese: , "Madya" Javanese: , "Krama" Javanese: , "Ngoko" Gêdrìk: wòng Ôsìng, "Madya" Gêdrìk: tiyang Ôsìng, "Krama" Gêdrìk: priyantun Ôsìng, Osing : laré Using, Indonesian: suku Osing) are a community living in the eastern salient of Java, Indonesia in the easternmost part of East Java. They are the descendants of the people of the ancient Kingdom of Blambangan, whose rulers remained Hindus until they were forced to convert to Islam by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in 1770. Their population of approximately 400,000 is centered in the province of East Java in the Banyuwangi Regency. The Osings speak the Osing dialect, which shows influences from both the Javanese and Balinese.
The Banyumasan people ("Ngoko" Javanese: , "Madya" Javanese: , "Krama" Javanese: , "Ngoko" Gêdrìk: wòng Banyumasan, "Madya" Gêdrìk: tiyang Toyåjênéan, "Krama" Gêdrìk: priyantun Toyåjênéan, Indonesian: suku Banyumasan) (colloquially known as Ngapak Javanese) is a collective term for a Javanese sub-ethnic native to the Indonesia's westernmost part of Central Java. At approximately 12–15 million people, they are concentrated in Banyumas, Majenang, Cilacap, Gombong, Kebumen, Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Purwokerto, Bumiayu, Slawi, Pemalang, Tegal, and Brebes regencies. The Banyumasan speak Banyumasan language, a dialect which is often called ""basa ngapak-ngapak"".