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anismus              achalasia              vulvodynia              dyspareunia              otalgia              diverticulitis              brachioradial              glossopharangela              pharyngolaryngitis              kraurosis              dysuria              vaginismus              sialadenitis              paraphimosis              dyssynergia              coccygodynia              neurasthenia              odynophagia              haemorrhoids              hystericus              neurodermatitis              dysphasia              vestibulitis              diverticulosis              adenomyomas              menire              dysphagia              anorectal              hemorrhoids              dysmenorrheal              fibromylagia              nonulcer              glossodynia              dysmotility              prostatodynia              pruritus              meige              hypersalivation              mucomembranous              phimosis              cephalea              orchalgia              musculorum              cystica              vitaligo              tenesmus              dyspeptic              dermatopathy              hyperosmia              hypoesthesia             

Examples of "proctalgia"
Perineodynia means perineal pain and includes vulvodynia and proctalgia fugax. Pudendal neuralgia is one of the main causes of perineodynia.
Variants of levator ani syndrome include proctalgia fugax (fleeting pain in the rectum) and coccydynia (pain in the coccygeal region). Proctalgia fugax and levator ani syndrome have not been found to be of psychosomatic origin, although stressful events may trigger attacks. Patients with levator ani syndrome also have "significant elevations on the hypochondriasis, depression, and hysteria scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory," which is also the case in general among chronic pain sufferers.
Proctalgia fugax (a variant of levator ani syndrome) is a severe, episodic, rectal and sacrococcygeal pain. It can be caused by cramp of the levator ani muscle, particularly in the pubococcygeus.
Levator ani syndrome (also called levator spasm, puborectalis syndrome, chronic proctalgia, piriformis syndrome, pelvic tension myalgia, levator syndrome, and proctodynia) is episodic rectal pain that can waken the patient from sleep, caused by spasm of the levator ani muscle.Levator Syndrome, by Parswa Ansari, MD 7/2014, Merck Manuals The cause is unknown, however it has been suggested that inflammation of the arcus tendon is the possible cause of levator ani syndrome
Two more highly common causes of functional anorectal pain are levator ani syndrome (LAS) and proctalgia fugax. Both of these conditions are thought to be caused by muscle spasms of the either the levator ani muscle or the anal sphincter muscle respectively, and may overlap symptomatically with a third less-common condition called coccygodynia which is the result of previous trauma to the coccyx bone. Stress, prolonged sitting, and constipation all seem to be associated with LAS. The majority (90%) of those reporting chronic episodes of such pain are women. Some researchers group these conditions under the medical category of "tension myalgia of the pelvic floor". Less than a third of those experiencing these conditions seek medical treatment for them. Treatment can involve the use of antispasmotic medications as well as the down-training (conscious involvement and relaxation of previously unconscious muscle movements) so that spasms occur less frequently or not at all.