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anametrisi              kyprou              tragouda              koinoniki              tragiki              einai              alitis              koritsia              filotimo              erastis              erotas              senane              agapo              natassa              valtinos              oneira              thelei              nyhta              agapis              rantevou              veggos              feggari              tragoudi              thysia              epitihies              gynaika              parapono              megales              elenis              tapeinos              gynaikes              treli              paidi              ilektra              leipei              tzeni              chronia              arhontissa              polykandriotis              voskopoulas              filoi              soferina              erota              mesimeri              thanatou              tesseris              mporo              giati              vengos              epirou             

Examples of "prodosia"
Prodosia is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.
Prodosia is an album by the Greek singer Mando. It was released in Greece in November 1998 by Sony Music Greece. It is her 9th album.
Treason (, translit. Prodosia) is a 1964 Greek drama film directed by Kostas Manoussakis. It was entered into the 1965 Cannes Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Greek entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 37th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.
She has released four albums under the Sony label: "Ston evdomo ourano" (On the seventh sky), "Gia oles tis fores" (For all the times), "Prodosia" (Betrayal), "Se alli Diastasi" (In another dimension). She also released three CD singles under this label. Mando's hits include "Danika" (Borrowed), "Faros" (Lighthouse), "Ston evdomo ourano" (On the seventh sky), "Esi" (You), "Fotia sta prepi" (Burn the have to's).
The second Junta of Greece fell on 24 July 1974, only eight days after Sampson had been appointed. Sampson was forced to resign. The Greek Cypriot government was restored under Glafkos Clerides. When Sampson resigned on Tuesday July 23 1974 Turkey was in control of 3% of the territory of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot enclaves (around 4-5% of the territory) had almost all fallen in the hands of Greek-Cypriots (H Tragiki Anametrisi kai i Prodosia tis Kyprou-Marios Adamides – 2012).
In September 2005, he went to Thessaloniki with Katy Garbi for a number of appearances. Following that, he released a CD single titled "Prodosia" in October 2005. The songs "Beautiful", "Ola another CD Single titled "Gia Senane Bora". It was accompanied by a full-length album in the fall of 2006 called "Min Peis Pote". In January 2007, ERT asked Dantis to take part in a National Selection as a singer to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. His song "No Madonna" hit the charts but didn't make it to the competition.
Avrakotos was the number four in the hierarchy of the CIA station in Athens in 1974 (Stacy Hulse was the chief and Ron Estes his deputy). Ron Estes and Avrakotos met with the "invisible dictator" Brigadier Dimitrios Ioannidis, formally Chief of Military Police, and warned him against the escalation of tension with Makarios because of the danger of a Turkish reaction. These documented meetings happened on 7 and 20 June 1974. However Archbishop Makarios then President of Cyprus decided by the end of June to come to direct and public confrontation with Ioannidis deciding to expel all Greek military personnel from Cyprus. This would have meant the loss of military control of Cyprus on the part of Greece and the humiliation and probable downfall of Ioannidis. Therefore, Ioannidis had no choice in order to survive politically in Greece. Probably Avrakotos told him to do so believing that Turkey would not intervene in Cyprus but anyway Ioannidis had no other option. In case of Turkish intervention Ioannidis would declare war on Turkey and he tried to do so after the Turkish invasion of July 20, yet the then military leaders of Greece and especially General Bonanos did not follow the wishes of Ioannidis and instead they overthrew him on July 23, 1974. Ioannidis died in 2010 and Avrakotos in 2005. None of them revealed anything about their interaction in 1974. Neither did the other Greek-American CIA agent Peter Koromilas, who died in 2007 (H Tragiki Anametrisi kai i Prodosia tis Kyprou (The Tragic Duel and the Betrayal of Cyprus)-Marios Adamides-2012).