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Examples of "prohaska"
The Horta was played by stuntman and acrobat Janos Prohaska, who also designed the costume. Prohaska was promised that if he created something good enough, the producers would rent the costume and pay Prohaska to play the part. Episode writer Gene Coon was convinced of the costume's effectiveness after an impromptu demonstration by Prohaska in the studios.
Ottokar Prohaska, fictional protagonist of John Biggins's Ottokar Prohaska novels, was for a time Commander in Chief of the Czechoslovak Danube Flotilla.
2004: Thomas Bachner, Michael Kunzinger, Vassil Palankovski, Thomas Prohaska, Gerhard Schütz
Felix Prohaska (16 May 1912 – 29 March 1987) was an Austrian conductor.
The name approximates to the English surname "Walker". Other spelling versions include Prochaska and Prohaska.
The first known presentation of this knot was made by Heinz Prohaska in an Austrian
Anna Prohaska (Neu-Ulm, born 27 June 1983 ) is an Austrian coloratura soprano.
Herbert Prohaska (born 8 August 1955 in Vienna, Austria) is a retired Austrian football player. He ranks among Austria's greatest football players of all time. Prohaska is currently working as a football pundit for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). His nickname "Schneckerl", Viennese dialect for curly hair, derives from his curly haircut in his younger years. A talented, combative midfielder, Prohaska played as a deep-lying playmaker, known for his precision passing.
Gerhard Prohaska (born 25 March 1958) is an Austrian swimmer. He competed in two events at the 1984 Summer Olympics.
Miljenko Prohaska (17 September 1925 – 29 May 2014) was a Croatian composer, music arranger and orchestra conductor.
Prohaska was a longtime member of the Croatian Composers' Society and had served as its president twice (1967–1968 and 1988–1990). Prohaska won numerous awards for his work, including the Golden Arena for Best Film Music (1968), the Vladimir Nazor Award for Life Achievement (1988) and the Porin Award for Life Achievement (1995).
Praise Pictures is an independent Christian film production company founded in 2007. Kyle Prohaska (Owner/CEO) currently runs the business from its base of operations in Atlanta, GA.
Players at Austria Wien in this era included: Herbert ""Schneckerl"" Prohaska, Felix Gasselich, Thomas Parits, Walter Schachner, Gerhard Steinkogler, Toni Polster, Peter Stöger, Ivica Vastic and Tibor Nyilasi.
Ludwig van Beethoven composed incidental music for a play by Johann Friedrich Duncker about the military heroine, entitled Leonore Prohaska. Duncker was Cabinet Secretary for the King of Prussia whom he accompanied to the Congress of Vienna. Despite Duncker's hopes, "Leonore Prohaska" was not performed in Vienna which may have been due to the fact that the material had already been treated in Piwald's "Das Mädchen von Potsdam" which did see performance in 1814.
Creators: The Past is an upcoming Italian fantasy film written by Piergiuseppe Zaia and Eleonora Fani, directed by Piergiuseppe Zaia and starring Gérard Depardieu, Bruce Payne, William Shatner and Ksenia Prohaska.
Janos Prohaska (October 10, 1919, Budapest, Hungary – March 13, 1974, Inyo County, California, United States) was a U.S.-based Hungarian actor and stunt performer on American television from the 1960s. He usually played the roles of animals or monsters.
John Biggins (born 31 October 1949) is a British writer of historical fiction. He is best known for his Prohaska series of novels set in the Austro-Hungarian Navy during the early years of the 20th Century.
During the late 1980s revamp of the DC Comics character Blackhawk by Howard Chaykin, the leader of the eponymous group of World War II fighters was revealed to be named Janos Prohaska, in tribute to the actor.
Arcangelo has performed with soloists including Iestyn Davies MBE (counter tenor), Christiane Karg (soprano), Matthew Rose (bass), Vilde Frang (violin), Alina Ibragimova (violin), Tim Mead (counter tenor), Nicolas Altstaedt (cello), Christopher Purves (baritone), Anna Prohaska (soprano)
Nadine Prohaska is an Austrian football midfielder, currently playing for St. Pölten-Spratzern in the ÖFB-Frauenliga. She previously played for USC Landhaus and SV Neulengbach, and Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga.