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prophesied              foretells              prophesy              prophesying              prophecies              foretold              chemosh              neferti              begat              foretelling              prophecy              saoshyant              zoroaster              shilonite              yhvh              aratta              vendidad              abimelech              merodach              seers              lugalbanda              yazata              inanna              enmerkar              sethos              dwelleth              simoqin              cosmogony              prophesized              ogdoad              slaanesh              ahijah              deification              dumuzi              bundahishn              lawgiver              philosophumena              accursed              tharizdun              ninhursag              ahriman              ohrmazd              prophecised              zerubbabel              belgarath              zurvan              logoi              intimations              sraosha              divinization             

Examples of "prophesies"
There are still three prophesies that remain unfulfilled:
-Glorfindel prophesies the nature of the Witch-king's doom
In 2015, a doomsday cult prophesies the coming of a rebel sun.
Gadoury reported that his study was sparked by reading the Mayan doomsday prophesies in 2012:
In 2015, a doomsday cult prophesies the coming of a rebel sun.
II.20, "Non usitata nec tenui ferar..." – The Poet Prophesies His Own Immortality –
In , Jesus prophesies the fate of some cities where he did some of his works (RSV):
Profe – 言魂 "The Speaking Spirit" (Labrador; the Ghost who prophesies)
In another passage in the book a list of Merlin's prophesies contains the prediction:
Relevant historical events coinciding with the time frame of the chanter prophesies:
Regarding `Alí Páshá's superior, Sultan Abd-ul-Aziz, Bahá'u'lláh prophesies that the Sultan will no longer control Adrinople:
The resurgence of Hinduism in Java is driven in part by the famous Javanese prophesies of Sabdapalon and Jayabaya.
The growth of Hinduism has been driven also by the famous Javanese prophesies of Sabdapalon and Jayabaya.
She also prophesies of the destruction of the racial "failures of nature" as the "higher race" ascends:
As Paris hurries from Sparta to Troy with Helen, Nereus stills the winds and prophesies – Ilium’s doom is inevitable.
These prophesies, accurate as they may be, deceive Ahab, who perceives them to be an assurance of victory.
And Clowes, another contemporary, prophesies the lasting fame of his works in English verse of the same quality.
Prometheus chained to his rock by Zeus prophesies that the saviour of mankind will appear after ten generations.
She also prophesies of the destruction of the racial "failures of nature" as the future "higher race" ascends:
Christian doctrine holds that Christ's coming and sacrifice was portended by, among others, the Prophet Isaiah approximately 700 years before Jesus was born. These prophesies can be found in . reports Jesus saying that the prophesies in Isaiah were about him. The New Testament explicitly quotes from in to indicate that Jesus is the fulfillment of these prophesies. Although various Christians read them in different ways (some in non-substitutionary ways), the following Biblical passages are sometimes put forwards as key texts by proponents of substitutionary atonement theories: