Synonyms for prostatism or Related words with prostatism

varicocele              gynecomastia              dyssynergia              anismus              impotence              dyspareunia              hyperandrogenic              oligomenorrhea              polymenorrhea              prostatomegaly              metrorrhagia              ischuria              mastodynia              induratio              menoxenia              hysteromyoma              adenomyosis              andropause              underactive              dysuria              pollakiuria              menorrhagia              dermatopathy              hypoestrogenism              gynaecomastia              urologic              dysmenorrheal              vestibulitis              leiomyomata              premenstural              mastalgia              strangury              hypospadias              achalasia              nonobstructive              prostatodynia              kraurosis              colics              vestibulodynia              impotency              andromorphous              gravidarum              atony              chemodectoma              perineoscrotal              haemorrhoids              hyperprolactinemia              nephrolithiasis              uveomeningitis              asthenospermia             

Examples of "prostatism"
Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) refer to a group of medical symptoms, that affect approximately 40% of older men. LUTS is a recent term for what used to be known as prostatism.
Disopyramide, despite its efficacy, has one main side effect that has limited its use in the US, though it has seen wider application in Canada, UK and Japan. Vagal blockade predictably causes dry mouth, and in men with prostatism, may cause urinary retention. Teichman et al. showed that pyridostigmine used in combination with disopyramide substantially alleviates vagolytic side effects without compromising antiarrhythmic efficacy. This combination has also been shown to be effective and safe in obstructive HCM in a large cohort of patients. Some clinicians prescribe pyridostigmine sustained release (marketed in the US as Mestinon Timespan) to every patient begun on disopyramide. This combination increases acceptance of higher disopyramide dosing, important since there is a dose-response correlation in obstructive HCM, higher doses yielding lower gradients.