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Examples of "protopappas"
Vangelis Protopappas was from a family with a strong legal history. His father Dimitrios Protopappas was a city judge and a politician. Protopappas died on May 21, 1995 from Alzheimer's disease at the age of 78. He is buried at the Kallithea Cemetery.
O atsidas () is a 1962 Greek comedy film directed by Giannis Dalianidis and starring Dinos Iliopoulos, Zoi Laskari and Vangelis Protopappas.
During the 2000 general election, in which he openly campaigned with semi-nude models, Vergis was described as a "joker" by deputy labour minister Christos Protopappas.
Vangelis Protopappas (; 1917 – May 21, 1995) was a Greek actor from Messolongi. He is most known for his roles in "Enas iros me pantoufles", "Santa Chiquita" and "I kalpiki lira". He later took roles in a number of TV shows including "Astynomos Thanassis Papathanassis" with Thanassis Vengos and Zoza Metaxa.
The Tribune Tower was severely damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17, 1989, yet the paper continued to publish there until ANG moved it to a building located at Oakland's Jack London Square at the edge of San Francisco Bay. The Tower sat empty until 1995, when John Protopappas purchased it for $300,000. His company, Madison Park Financial Corporation, renovated the Tower in the late 1990s. The "Tribune" returned to the Tower after it reopened in 1999.
The Tower was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which forced the "Tribune" to relocate to new offices in Jack London Square. The Tower sat empty until 1995, when John Protopappas purchased it for $300,000. His company, Madison Park Financial Corporation, renovated the Tower in the late 1990s. The "Tribune's" parent company, ANG Newspapers (which purchased the newspaper from the Maynards in 1992), returned the "Tribune" to the building after it reopened in 1999. In early 2006, Protopappas sold the Tower to Edward B. Kislinger for approximately $15 million. The "Tribune" moved permanently out of the Tower in 2007 and is now located in a building on Oakport Street, near the Oakland International Airport.
The "Frankish" feudal system was simply added to the ancient Byzantine administrative one kept by the new lords: the ancient Byzantine administrative organisation was used for the new feudal taxes and corvées and the Byzantine agricultural techniques were used on the new fiefs. Byzantine law was also used for the local Greek population being for the marriages or the properties. It was the same for the religious organisation: even if the Catholic hierarchy was in power, an Orthodox hierarchy still existed (albeit without a bishop but with a "protopappas"). And, when a Catholic priest was not available, the mass was said by an Orthodox priest.
On the first court date, 150 supporters, mainly from neo-Nazi and nationalist groups, attended to show moral support for Plevris and "Eleftheros Kosmos" and over 200 police officers were stationed in the area out of fear that there would be clashes. However, the planned anti-fascist gathering never materialized and there were no incidents. During his trial, the following appeared to support Plevris : Christos Pasalaris and Kostas Kolmer (in addition both were also there as witnesses for the defense), Popular Orthodox Rally candidate Antonis Naxakis, Maria Tzanni, Spiros Zournatzis, Giorgos Shoinas, Giorgos Palmos. Dr. Basilis Protopappas, Popular Orthodox Rally candidates Giannis Sirros and Giannis Tsilimigras, Maria Douraki who was accompanied by four Old Calendarist clerics, Giorgos Loentaritis, Popular Orthodox Rally member Panagiotis Doumas, Vasilis Misiris.