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Examples of "proviant"
In January 2012 several artists contributed to the "Back To School (EDITS)". The following artists made their version of the track or contributed to the track: LehtMoJoe, LidoLido and Proviant Audio.
Mathias Stubø (born 6 April 1992 in Tønsberg, Norway) is a Norwegian musician and DJ in the genre electronica, also known as Proviant Audio. He is the son of jazz vocalist Kjersti Stubø, grandson of jazz guitarist Thorgeir Stubø and nephew of jazz guitarist Håvard and theater director Eirik Stubø.
The Walk of Fame of Cabaret is a sidewalk between Proviant-Magazin and Schönborner Hof in Mainz, Germany, which is embedded with more than 40 seven-pointed irregularly shaped stars featuring the names of cabaret celebrities selected by a group of experts and honored by several sponsors for their contributions to the cabaret culture.
As only fourteen years old Stubø was named this week's "Urørt" on NRK P3, and in 2010 he was nominated for "Årets Urørt" for the project Proviant Audio. He released the albums "Real Love Tastes Like This!" and "1979" in 2011, and the self-titled album "Mathias Stubø" in 2012, where the jazz trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem appeared.
Baksaas has previously played together with the electronica comet Mathias Stubø from Vestfold, and his Proviant Audio. In 2012 he released his debut album with Bendik Baksaas Band with David Aleksander Sjølie and Jonas Barsten Johnsen, an EP on the Trondheim based record label Dayladore Collective. Unlike the band's little ambitious name, the debut album of the band got the eloquently name "The Shape Of Beats To Come" (2012), undoubtedly inspired by the chord progression free and simultaneous improvised album "The Shape Of Jazz To Come" (1959), by free jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman. The similarity of Coleman genre defining release however stops there. The material that is presented on the five track and just over twenty minutes long release, fits nicely into the aesthetics that have been funded by Mathias Stubø and Proviant Audio In the recent past (2015), but is probably also inspired by sample delighted hiphop magicians J Dilla, and smooth jazz guitarists such as George Benson.
Patrick Arnold reintroduced methylhexanamine in 2006 as a dietary supplement, after the final ban of ephedrine in the United States in 2005. Arnold introduced it under the trademarked name Geranamine, a name held by his company, Proviant Technologies. A large number of supplements focusing on fat loss and workout energy (thermogenic or general-purpose stimulants) used the ingredient in concert with other substances such as caffeine, a combination similar to the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.
Beyond the Basics includes songs written by Maya Vik over the course of two years from 2013 to 2015. In addition to Maya, several producers came on board for this project including, Øyvind Holmboe Basmo, Proviant Audio, Lindstrøm, William Idap, Pat Lukens, and Nivlac Rextab. Beyond the Basics also includes the track "Y.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas) which Buzzfeed calls "25 Perfect Pop Songs You May Have Already Missed In 2015".
Bummer Gun was recorded in Oslo, Norway. It includes a Proviant Audio remix of "Be for Me", and a Royalty remix of "Every Single Day". The album was produced mostly by Øyvind Holmboe Basmo and Maya Vik with the following exceptions. Title track "Bummer Gun" was produced by Royalty (UK). "Pictures" was produced by Alabama producers Block Beattaz. Morgan Phalen ("the singer from bands like Diamond Nights, Justice, and Favored Nations") was a big part on this album, he co-wrote "Bummer Gun", "Be the One", "Be for Me", "Sexy Face", co- produced "Morgan Phalen*", and remixed "Daydreaming". He also sings on "Be the One".
The climb to the upper terrace of the old-town is aided by the "Martinitreppe" (St. Martin's steps). The rise of the upper terrace was used architecturally to enhance the distant view of the churches located there. These include St. Martini built after 1300, St. Marien (St. Marys church) on the steep scenic "Hufschmiede" (horseshoe-smithy), and high steepled St Simionis built after 1305. The red sandstone "Proviant-Magazin" (Granary) and adjacent bakery originally supported the Prussion fortress garrison. The "Alte Münze" (old mint) is the oldest stone building in Westphalia. Across the street is the "Windloch" (wind-hole) a trapezoidal half-timbered house that is one of the smallest in Minden. It is named for the wind that church-goers encountered in the adjacent alleyway. Further on are the Weserrenaissance style row of buildings housing the historical museum of the town. The "Schwedenschänke" (Swedish tavern) is a reminder of the Swedish occupation during the 30 Year War and is now a restaurant-tavern.