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Examples of "psdi"
The Unified Socialist Party (, PSU), formally the Unified PSI–PSDI ("PSI–PSDI Unificati"), was the name of the federation of parties formed by the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) and the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI) from 1966 to 1969. The party's membership was composed of 700,964 activists in 1966.
Tanassi was born at Ururi, in the province of Campobasso. He entered the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano, or PSDI) and was alter national co-secretary, together with Francesco De Martino, of the unified PSI-PSDI, a short-lived reunion of PSDI and the Italian Socialist Party.
As of 2008 PRD continues to present itself as the legal PSDI. In September 2008 D'Andria appealed to the Supreme Court of Cassation in order to be re-established as leader of PSDI.
The party was re-established in 2004 with the same name, "Italian Democratic Socialist Party", as the continuation of the party of Saragat, so that the new PSDI numbers its congresses in perfect continuity with the late PSDI.
Name of the Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano (PSDI) from 1947 to 1951.
The Italian Democratic Socialist Party (, PSDI) is a political party in Italy founded in 2004 as the continuation of the historical PSDI of Giuseppe Saragat, so that the new PSDI numbers its congresses in perfect continuity with the old PSDI. The party retains some support locally in the South, especially in Apulia. In the 2005 Apulian regional election the party won 2.2% of the vote along with other two minor parties and got one deputy elected to the Regional Council. The party did not repeat itself five years later, when it was not even able to file a list.
From 1949 to 1965 members of the PSDI held the presidency of the "Istituto Nazionale di Previdenza Sociale" (INPS).
At the end of 2003, several former members of the PSDI (who are initially converged in the Italian Democratic Socialists) reorganized the "Italian Democratic Socialist Party". In January 2004 was celebrated the XXIV National Congress of the PSDI. Giogio Carta was named new Secretary and Antonio Cariglia was named Honorary President of the party. The legal continuity
The Italian Democratic Socialist Party (, PSDI) was a minor social-democratic political party in Italy. The PSDI, before the 1990s decline in votes and members, had been an important force in Italian politics, being the longest serving partner in government for Christian Democracy. The party's founder and longstanding leader was Giuseppe Saragat, who served as President of the Italian Republic from 1964 to 1971.
Many were former Liberals (PLI), Republicans (PRI) and Social Democrats (PSDI): Alfredo Biondi (President of Forza Italia's National Council) and Raffaele Costa, both former PLI leaders, and former PSDI leader Carlo Vizzini were later MPs for Forza Italia. Also Antonio Martino and Giancarlo Galan were formers Liberals, Jas Gawronski was a leading Republican, while Marcello Pera has a Socialist and Radical background.
The party was founded in November 2011 by a split from the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI). Magistro had been the secretary of the PSDI from 2007 to July 2011, when a tribunal in Rome declared Renato D'Andria, who had been elected secretary in 2006 only to see his election invalidated by the party, legitimate secretary of the party. Magistro proposed a reconciliation between the two factions, but D'Andria did not accept the conditions posed by him. In mid November 2011, 28 members out of 31 of the outgoing National Council, including Magistro, thus left the PSDI in order to form a new party named The Social Democrats (iSD).
On 11 January 2012, on the 65th anniversary of the split of Palazzo Barberini, the PSDI and iSD organized a common event in remembrance of Giuseppe Saragat, a former President of the Italian Republic (1964–1971) and long-standing leader of the PSDI from 1947 until his death in 1988. A recomposition of the two groups may still be possible, but it has been made difficult also by the fact that D'Andria is keen on an alliance with the centre-right (three MPs of The People of Freedom – Massimo Baldini, Giancarlo Lehner and Paolo Russo – are quite close to the new PSDI), while Magistro has aligned his iSD with the centre-left.
After "Tangentopoli", "Mani pulite" and subsequent political crisis, the PSDI has almost disappeared electorally, although it retains some support locally in the South, especially in Apulia.
In the following years, the links between the members of Socialist Unity became closer and the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI) was founded.
He was minister of defence for the first time in the Rumor II Cabinet (1970), formed by an alliance between Christian Democracy (DC), PSI and PSDI. In 1972 he was again appointed as minister of defencee, as well as vice-prime minister (Andreotti II Cabinet, in which the Italian Liberal Party had replaced the Socialists). Tanassi was minister of defence for the third time in the fourth Rumor Government (DC-PSI-PSDI-PRI).
The close ties between the PSI and the PCI caused the Giuseppe Saragat-led anticommunist wing of the PSI to leave and form the Italian Socialist Workers' Party in 1947 (later merged into the Italian Democratic Socialist Party, PSDI).
The two parties joined forces in 1966, after the PSI had joined the Italian government in 1963 for the first time since 1947, as part of Aldo Moro's cabinets, composed of Christian Democracy, the Italian Republican Party and the PSDI.
In 1963 the party joined the PSI to form the Unified Socialist Party, but in 1968, after a dismaying result at the general election, it left the new party, returning to the PSDI name in 1971.
MRO Software(Maintenance, Repair, & Operation), Inc. - formerly known as PSDI, was a software firm based in Bedford, Massachusetts, which published Maximo, an Enterprise Asset Management system in the market.
At twenty-first round of voting, leader of PSDI and former President of the Constituent Assembly Giuseppe Saragat was elected President with 646 votes out of 963. Saragat was the first left-wing politician to become President of the Republic.