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Examples of "psychiatric_clinic"
He was Director of a psychiatric clinic in Rheinau, Switzerland.
psychiatric clinic "associated with the Serbsky Institute", where he is
In 1882 he obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Marburg. In 1883-84 he was an assistant at the psychiatric clinic at Halle, and afterwards an assistant to Karl Westphal (1833-1890) at the Berlin psychiatric clinic.
The series is about a psychiatric clinic run by a family in Boston.
In 1906 he visited the Munich psychiatric clinic of Emil Kraepelin.
The film focuses on Valentina, a young girl, sent to a psychiatric clinic.
In 1926 he became the director of the psychiatric clinic at Marburg University.
Melitta Breznik studied medicine in Graz and Innsbruck which is where she obtained her doctorate. She was a senior doctor at the Psychiatric Clinic in Cazis (south of Chur), at the Private Psychiatric Clinic at the Zürichberg and at the Hohenegg Psychiatric Clinic in Meilen. Between 2004 and 2009 she had her own medical business focused on psychiatry and psychotherapy at Chur. Most recently she headed up the Anthroposophic Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinic at Badenweiler on the south-western tip of Germany.
The municipality is located in the Aare valley and includes the village of Münsingen, and the canton's psychiatric clinic.
Dr. Leonidas Mantonakis is a Greek psychiatrist who works at the A' Psychiatric clinic of Eginitio hospital in Athens, Greece.
Ritter died on 15 April 1951 at the Hohemark psychiatric clinic in Oberursel from complications of high blood pressure.
In 2007 the Lüneburg Montessori Primary School moved to Häcklingen, where it is accommodated in containers formerly used by the psychiatric clinic.
In 1963, Franz was cast as psychiatric clinic director Dr. Edward Raymer in thirty episodes of the weekly ABC medical drama "Breaking Point" with co-star Paul Richards.
The psychiatric clinic of Bellelay is located in Saicourt. It was founded in 1891 when the Canton of Bern acquired Bellelay Abbey and converted it into a clinic.
The experiments were made in the concentrations camps in Dachau and Buchenwald and with mentally ill Russian prisoners in a psychiatric clinic in Thuringia.
Recently, a psychiatric clinic for children called "Das Professor Otto Löwenstein Haus" was founded at the University of Bonn in Lowenstein's honor.
Ten years later, in 1902, Wagner-Jauregg moved to the psychiatric clinic at the General Hospital and in 1911 he returned to his former post.
1928, he traveled to Vienna to study at the Steinhof (the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Vienna), and to attend the lectures of Julius Wagner-Jauregg.
From 1918 to 1925, he worked for Pyotr Gannushkin as an assistant and then an assistant professor of the psychiatric clinic at the Moscow University.
In 1966 Leo Eitinger was appointed professor of psychiatry at the University of Oslo and became Head of the University Psychiatric Clinic.