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His early work focused on dreams. His later work examined the biological mechanisms and risk factors in psychopathology. In 1989, he co-authored "Psychopathology" with Lee Willerman.
and "Development and Psychopathology" (1999–present).
____'Psychopathology and Creativity', "American Imago" 24 (1967)
Jean Etienne Esquirol Descriptive psychopathology, postnatal depression
In cases of comorbid psychopathology, the standards are to first manage the psychopathology and then evaluate the patient's gender dysphoria. Treatment may still be appropriate and necessary in cases of significant comorbid psychopathology, as "cases have been reported in which the individual was both suffering from severe co-occurring psychopathology, and was a 'late-onset, gynephilic' trans woman, and yet experienced a long-term, positive outcome with hormonal and surgical gender transition."
Sigmund Freud published "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life".
Evolutionary developmental psychopathology is an approach to the understanding of psychiatric disorders. Modern evolutionary psychopathology examines the current adaptiveness of psychiatric disorders by examine their impact on fertility across the lifespan
Psychopathology of Everyday Life () is a 1901 work by Sigmund Freud, based on Freud's researches into slips and parapraxes from 1897 onwards. "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life" became perhaps the best-known of all Freud's writings.
Developmental psychopathology is the study of the development of psychological disorders, such as psychopathy, autism, schizophrenia and depression, with a lifecourse perspective. A main idea is that psychopathology can be best understood as normal development gone awry.
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Gilbert Van Tassel Hamilton (1877 – 1943) was an American physician and writer. He was the author of "Introduction to Objective Psychopathology", one of the leading early manuals on psychopathology.
Rating scales have developed since the early 1970s to assess general child psychometrics and psychopathology.
Torpor in psychopathology is usually taken to mean profound inactivity not caused by reduction in consciousness.
Muriel Téodori graduated with degrees in philosophy and clinical psychopathology and went on to teach philosophy.
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Consistent with the cognitive theory of psychopathology, CT is designed to be structured,
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