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psychopathological              psychologic              neurasthenia              aboulia              psychopathology              neuroses              asthenic              sleeplessness              hypochondria              neurophatic              neurosis              posttraumatic              hyperarousal              dyspeptic              psychosocial              neurotic              tmjd              somatization              hypervigilance              agrypnia              neurocognitive              capgras              psychogenic              selye              poststroke              obsessional              nosology              biopsychosocial              dysgnosia              listlessness              presyncope              ptsd              prionrelated              algesia              mentation              neurocircuitry              neurobehavioural              hemispatial              endocrinological              psychoneurosis              anosognosia              ideomotor              vasovagal              melancholia              morgellons              aphasic              dementing              anaclitic              psychiatrist              misophonia             

Examples of "psychosomatic"
The Journal of Psychosomatic Research is the official medical journal of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine and is affiliated with the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine.
e) Psychosomatic stability - related to emotional stability. The candidate should not be subject to psychosomatic problems.
In 2008, Rivera received the annual American Psychosomatic Society award for his work in research and education in psychosomatic pathologies.
Psychosomatic medicine is considered a subspecialty of the fields of psychiatry and neurology. Medical treatments and psychotherapy are used to treat illnesses believed to have a psychosomatic component.
which discusses Darwin's "mysterious illness" and whether it was psychosomatic.
Psychosomatics is a peer-reviewed medical journal that focuses on psychosomatic medicine. It was established in 1960, during William S. Kroger's tenure as head of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine. It is published by Elsevier on behalf of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.
Psychosomatic Research Conference, Ciba Foundation London (1964), Istanbul (1980)
32. Morrison, Stilian, Smith, Gary. (2005). “Monogrammic Determinism?,” "Psychosomatic Medicine", 67 (5), 820-824.
The American Psychosomatic Society established the Alvin P. Shapiro Award in 2001.
Psychological processes known to influence physical health are now called "psychosomatic". They include:
Puppy pregnancy syndrome is a psychosomatic illness in humans brought on by mass hysteria.
Social uterus is a developmental concept in family therapy for psychosomatic disorders.
Other, alternative approaches in the 1970s were psychosomatic and somatopsychic approaches, which concentrated on causal links only from psyche to soma, or from soma to psyche, respectively. At present it is commonplace in psychosomatic medicine to state that psyche and soma cannot really be separated for practical or theoretical purposes. A disturbance on any level—somatic, psychic, or social—will radiate to all the other levels, too. In this sense, psychosomatic thinking is similar to the biopsychosocial model of medicine.
Guirdham's unorthodox ideas about psychosomatic medicine were criticized by the medical community.
Engel began collaboration with Franz Reichsman on the Monica project, a study which extended from Monica's infancy to adulthood, in 1953. By the mid-1950s, he was considered as one of the major figures in psychosomatic studies. He was prominent in the American Psychosomatic Society. He also edited its journal, "Psychosomatic medicine" and began publishing numerous books and articles on the relation of emotion and disease and on the incorporation of these ideas into medical training and clinical practice. Under his direction, the program at the university became a leading center in the development of psychosomatic theory and training. His ideas came to be termed as the biopsychosocial model.
1. Breitbart W, Chochinov H, guest editors. Journal of Psychosomatic Research Special Issue Psycho-oncology Research: 45:3, 1998.
Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla, MD (born September 22, 1951) is a German professor for psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and psychoanalisis.
29. Smith, Gary. (2004). “Asian-American Deaths Near the Harvest Moon Festival,” "Psychosomatic Medicine", 66 (3), 378-381.
A 1998 Russian patent, RU2122446, "Device for the correction of man's psychosomatic diseases", relates to Kozyrev mirrors.
He is generally considered the father of modern headache research, and a pioneer in the study of psychosomatic illness.