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radlk              glabrescens              forssk              lancifolia              laxiflora              hiern              sessiliflora              mossambicensis              oliv              hemsl              poepp              bremek              sprucei              randia              lehmannii              mucronata              congesta              tarenna              turcz              markgr              grewia              connata              kosterm              triflora              phylica              calcarata              dielsii              labill              desf              baill              steud              weinmannia              macbr              anomalum              salisb              dombeya              hirsuta              griseb              manettia              brassii              sessilifolia              ferruginea              canthium              gracillima              albiflora              habenaria              spruceana              spathulata              zeyh              bonpl             

Examples of "puberula"
Sculptotheca puberula is a beetle species in the family Anobiidae.
Thelypteris puberula is a species of fern known by the common name showy maiden fern. The variety Thelypteris puberula" var. "sonorensis is known by the common name Sonoran maiden fern.
Psilocybe puberula is a species of mushroom in the Strophariaceae family.
Pouteria puberula is a species of plant in the Sapotaceae family. It is endemic to Venezuela.
Polystachya puberula is a species of orchid native to western and west-central tropical Africa.
The larvae feed on the flowers of low-growing grassland Fabaceae species, including "Rhynchosia puberula".
The larvae feed on the seeds of "Solidago puberula". They create a trivalved, tubular silken case.
"Uvularia puberula" is a perennial herb with 1-3 pale yellow flowers per stem.
Ilex puberula is a species of plant in the Aquifoliaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
Mendoncia puberula is a plant species in the family Acanthaceae (or according to some specialists in the family Mendonciaceae).
"Beaufortia puberula" is classified as "not threatened" by the Western Australian Government Department of Parks and Wildlife.
Kibatalia puberula is a species of plant in the Apocynaceae family. It is endemic to the Philippines.
"Beaufortia puberula" was first formally described in 1852 by Nikolai Turczaninow and the description was published in "Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathématique de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de Saint-Pétersbourg". The specific epithet ("puberula") is derived a Latin word meaning "downy". The species had previously been known as "Beaufortia interstans".
As recognized by the World Checklist maintained by Kew Botanic Garden in London, "T. latifolia" is found only in Japan. Some authors maintain the some Chinese material also belongs to this species, but the World Checklist regards the Chinese populations as a distinct species, "Tricyrtis puberula|T. puberula." Further investigation seems warranted.
Allamanda puberula (syn. "Allamanda puberula" A.DC. var. "glabrata" Müll.Arg.) is a species of "Allamanda" genus in the Apocynaceae family, which is native from Brazil, typically in Caatinga, and Cerrado vegetation. This plant is cited in Flora Brasiliensis by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius.
Tricyrtis puberula is a Chinese species of plants in the lily family. It is found in the Provinces of Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi, and Sichuan.
Mordellistena puberula is a species of beetle in the "Mordellistena" genus that is in the Mordellidae family. It was described by Maeklin in 1875.
Plocama puberula is a species of flowering plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is endemic to the Socotra archipelago of Yemen. Its natural habitat is rocky areas.
Subsp. "pulverulenta" has smaller but more numerous leaves, generally 50-110 leaves long halfway up the stem, as opposed to 10-60 leaves long for subsp. "puberula".
The species is currently regarded as monotypic. Three varieties of "Ficus obliqua" were recognised until 2001—"F. obliqua" var. "petiolaris", "F. obliqua" var. "obliqua", and "F. obliqua" var. "puberula" from Western Australia. A revision of the group led to the conclusion that "F. obliqua" var. "petiolaris" belonged in the species "F. rubiginosa". "F. obliqua" var. "puberula" was found to be more distantly related to "obliqua" than "rubiginosa" and hence has been reclassified as a separate species, "Ficus brachypoda".