Synonyms for pulverulenta or Related words with pulverulenta

sagittata              mucronata              cornuta              venusta              costata              punicea              rivularis              incana              vestita              sinuata              velutinus              colorata              subulata              foveolata              caespitosa              gracilipes              rubicunda              calcarata              erubescens              interrupta              amoenum              plumosa              lepidota              virgata              cooperi              hookeri              tessellatus              atrata              brevipes              tenellus              purpurata              hastata              connata              costaricensis              nitidula              leucopogon              fastigiata              cuneifolia              rubida              speciosus              coriacea              debilis              campanulata              orites              ciliata              argentea              atropurpurea              filipes              anomalum              nitens             

Examples of "pulverulenta"
'Pulverulenta' is very susceptible to Dutch elm disease.
Aurea, Betulaefolia, Gracilis, Incisa, Marginata, Pendula, Pulverulenta, Stricta, Viminalis.
Platyptilia pulverulenta is a moth of the family Pterophoridae. It is found in New Zealand.
"Dudleya brittonii" is similar in appearance to "Dudleya pulverulenta", native to California.
Mikania pulverulenta is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family.
Toxicodryas pulverulenta, commonly known as Fischer's tree snake, is a species of snake of the family Colubridae.
The larvae have been recorded feeding on the shoots of "Frankenia pulverulenta". They feed from within a web.
The Cape gray mongoose ("Galerella pulverulenta"), also called the small gray mongoose, is a mongoose endemic to southern Africa.
The specific epithet "pulverulenta", meaning "dust", refers to the mealy white layer (farina) covering the stems of the plant.
Rhopalophora pulverulenta' is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Guérin-Méneville in 1844.
Dudleya pulverulenta is a succulent plant known by the common names chalk lettuce, chalk dudleya, and chalk liveforever.
Hexatricha pulverulenta," commonly known as the squeaking longhorn, is a beetle in the family Cerambycidae, the only species in the monotypic genus Hexatricha". It is endemic to New Zealand. It was first described by John O. Westwood in 1843 as "Lamia pulverulenta", and later moved into the genus "Hexatricha" (sometimes incorrectly spelled "Hexathrica)".
Ulmus × viminalis 'Pulverulenta' is a hybrid cultivar derived from the crossing "Ulmus minor" × "U. minor" 'Plotii' . The tree was first mentioned by Dieck, (Zöschen, Germany) in "Haupt-Catalog der Obst- und Gehölzbaumschulen des Ritterguts Zöschen bei Merseburg" 1885, p. 82, as "U. scabra viminalis pulverulenta" , but without description.
Anania pulverulenta is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Warren in 1892. It is found in India (Himachal Pradesh).
Lepista pulverulenta is a moth of the family Arctiidae. It was described by Lucas in 1890. It is found in Australia, where it has been recorded from Queensland.
Hauerslevia is a fungal genus of uncertain familial placement ("incertae sedis") in the order Auriculariales. The genus is monotypic, containing the single species Hauerslevia pulverulenta, known from Europe.
Palpita pulverulenta is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Hampson in 1918. It is found in Sri Lanka.
"Zenobia pulverulenta" is a deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub growing to 0.5-1.8 m tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, ovate to elliptic, long.
Ardisia pulverulenta (also called Blossomberry Grape) is a species of plant in the Primulaceae family. It is found in Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.
Leptosteges pulverulenta is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Warren in 1889. It is found in Brazil (Amazons).