Synonyms for puzzled or Related words with puzzled

amused              embarrassed              dismayed              intrigued              dumbfounded              mystified              bemused              mortified              bewildered              disconcerted              astounded              annoyed              unnerved              disgusted              astonished              startled              appalled              offended              horrified              incredulous              exasperated              flabbergasted              amazed              saddened              flustered              disheartened              comforted              bothered              disappointed              unfazed              nonplussed              terrified              perplexed              misunderstood              vexed              unimpressed              infuriated              unconvinced              deceived              gratified              intimidated              reassured              frightened              flattered              awed              outraged              incensed              tormented              distraught              unconcerned             

Examples of "puzzled"
"Professionals Puzzled, or, Struggles at Starting" (1832)
Possible states are: laughing, shocked, surprised, sad, angry, embarrassed, puzzled, and panicked.
Dude wants to know the why, if a Sagebrusher is puzzled about a road,
2012 Barry Lamb Vs Wet Sans Brolly - Puzzled by drama queens
Calum is puzzled by Herman, a sick dachshund that has developed difficulty walking.
All is confessed to the puzzled police and all resolved, with Taylor's wife showing that she now returns David's feelings.
Lollapuzzoola, and Lollapuzzoola's original founders Brian Cimmet and Ryan Hecht are discussed in David Astle's book, "Puzzled."
Many scholars have also puzzled over why Yamato went through so much effort to protect Baekje. Bruce Batten summarized:
Almost integers that involve the mathematical constants and e have often puzzled mathematicians. An example is: formula_15
In a recent Vox magazine interview, Haslag said he was drawn to economics because he was puzzled by it.
M.Schepman was much puzzled by this species and couldn't readily place it. He tentatively placed it in the genus "Argyropeza".
Around 09:30, as about 20 people were playing on the beach or bathing, the sea retreated about 100 meters within the space of about 5 minutes. A few people who were bathing, seeing the water retreating around them were left standing, puzzled. Asked about the phenomenon, Thai vendors on the beach were as puzzled as tourists, having never seen such a thing.
McEwan establishes Perowne as anchored in the real world. Perowne expresses a distaste for some modern literature, puzzled by, even disdaining magical realism:
The sketch was famous for the parody ending in which the announcer would ask foreboding, progressively nonsensical questions about the characters while focusing on their puzzled reactions.
Puzzled Pint has had a theme every month since September 2010. The first two months had puzzles with no common theme.
She is puzzled but finally relents and returns home. Along the way, she leaves a banknote of enormous denomination with a startled "starving artist".
I have the commander's reply, Harper said. He handed it to one of the German officers, who unfolded and read it. He looked up, puzzled.
The 5 girls return from Los Angeles and tension rises as the girls are surprised and puzzled at Hosanna making it this far.
The story of the rearrangement reveals that many scientists were puzzled with this and related reactions and its close relationship to the discovery of carbocations as intermediates.
Narendra became even more puzzled and felt that Ramakrishna had hypnotized him. He also felt disgusted as he apparently could not resist Ramakrishna from influencing him.