Synonyms for pykhtin or Related words with pykhtin

kolganov              cherepovsky              chepelin              borisovdenis              shulgaguide              mlendea              musulbes              ledovskikh              letnicov              msryan              lyalko              chemerkin              shmerkin              matviychuk              filenkov              balukhto              strizhakov              mihalachi              bocharnikov              polukeyev              kostoglod              zaharov              gajdiciar              shturbabin              muhachev              porkhomovskiy              kachanovskiy              zyuskov              grushikhin              kokorev              adistia              dmitrievsergey              nadtokaivan              dyatchin              bagach              liubchenko              klevchenya              gakhov              bychenok              rakhmanin              bejtulahi              khovanskiy              romanchuk              kislykh              trachuk              zmoray              kruglyakov              krivchonkov              skomorokhov              kuksenkov             

Examples of "pykhtin"
A good introduction can be found in a paper by Michael Pykhtin and Steven Zhu.
On 24 July 2007 Great Russia was denied registration by the Federal Registration Service. The Secretary of the party's ruling council, Sergei Pykhtin, said the party would either appeal the decision or submit new paperwork in an attempt to be registered. However, the party was unsuccessful and so did not contest the Russian legislative election, 2007.
As there were too few places for a tournament designed for sixteen, three of the fighters received byes through to the quarter final stage. The light welterweight gold medal was won by France's Malik Mangouchi who defeated Russia's Vladimir Pykhtin by split decision. It was Malik's second gold at a W.A.K.O. championships with his previous winners medal coming at the 2001 championships in Belgrade. The bronze medal positions were taken by Robert Zytkiewicz and Biagio Tralli from Poland and Italy respectively.