Synonyms for pyromaia or Related words with pyromaia

grandispora              ceylanicus              ranilia              danuria              microstigma              jickeli              pyrgomantis              fuscopannaria              kimminsi              distorta              culmicola              clemensiae              recluz              paralepis              annulicornis              carnicolor              elixii              bifurcata              aequatoriensis              canthophorus              ovoidea              lentaria              apatopygus              subcylindrica              lomariopsis              cingalensis              chopardi              effugiens              caricis              ramboldia              galeropsis              chaetopsis              ceylanica              nitidicollis              myxilla              hypalastoroides              pudibunda              atomarius              marginellus              cingulatum              pandanicola              brunneri              eichleriana              miantochora              conspicuus              pahangensis              chaenothecopsis              hypochroma              hexalobus              ceanothi             

Examples of "pyromaia"
This species appears similar to "Pyromaia cuspidata".
Pyromaia is a genus of crab in the family Inachoididae, containing the following species:
Pyromaia tuberculata is a species of crab in the family Inachoididae.
Pyromaia cuspidata, also known as the dartnose pear crab, is a species of crab in the family Inachoididae. This crab appears similar to "Anasimus latus". It is a long-legged crab with a trident-shaped rostrum, and occurs in Atlantic waters from North Carolina to west Florida, and in the Gulf of Mexico through the Yucatán Peninsula down to Nicaragua. It is also found in Cuban waters. This species lives in depths of on bottoms of mud, sand, or pebbles.