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In May, 2009, Qbert launched the Qbert Skratch University, an interactive online learning school and community for DJs.
Richard Quitevis (born October 7, 1969) known by his stage name DJ Qbert or Qbert, is a Filipino American turntablist and composer.
It also produce games that been given by Columbia Pictures Industries like Qbert.
In a 2011 interview with the website, Qbert stated that he is a vegan.
DJ Qbert – "Ascender (Music From The 5D Land Of Agartha) (Promo) (July 1st)"
Mix Master Mike and DJ Qbert subsequently founded the turntablist group The Invisibl Skratch Piklz with DJ Apollo.
Vestax focused on the needs of nightclubs and Disc jockeys and their mixers became favourites of international DJs such as Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, DJ QBert and Cut Chemist. Mixers such as the various iterations of the PMC-05pro have become staples of the Hip Hop DJ community, and they also have manufactured signature models for DJ's such as Carl Cox and DJ Qbert.
The crab scratch was invented by DJ Qbert while in Japan. Qbert then took the idea back to San Francisco and after showing the scratch to DJ Disk, he created a move that used 3 or 4 fingers: the crab. Later in 1995, while the DMC USA finals were being held in San Francisco, a group of DJs and judges which included The Beat Junkies, The X-Men (now called the X-ecutioners), and the rest of ISP among others got together for what would later be known as the "Famous Warehouse Session" at Yoga Frog's old mobile DJ warehouse. It was at this session that Qbert publicized the new scratch.
DJ QBert used a turntable for scratching a Tesla coil built by CamDAX (Cameron Mira) at the 2015 Maker Faire near San Francisco
In 2014, he composed and played guitars and bass on the DJ Qbert album "Extraterrestria." In 2016 Craig began work on his 2nd solo album along with a duet album with JoAnne Lorenzana.
Qbert, along with other Skratch Piklz, created a series of videos entitled "Turntable TV". Now out of print, the first 5 episodes were released on VHS and contained demonstrations, showcases, skits, and other DJ related content.
More recently, he has worked with Vestax to develop the QFO, an all-in-one scratching instrument. The QFO combines a turntable with a mixer's crossfader. In 2006, he introduced the Qbert turntable cartridge, a model put out by Ortofon.
DJ QBert explains how turntables function, describing each part. He compares it to "talking". When Mix Master Mike scratched with DJ QBert, they used their scratching to communicate together. They describe it as an art and a form of intelligence. Other artists describe the popularity it had in the 1980s amongst youth in parties and battling. Many of them achieved fame through their talent in battles. Some of them made the existence of the DJ without the MC possible. This chapter features DJ Marz, DJ Eddie Def, DJ Cue, DJ Quest (Bullet Proof Space Travelors), Billy Jam, Dave Paul, DJ Relm, DJ Flare, DJ Shadow, Apollo, and Rob Swift (X-ecutioners).
Coinciding with the game's PlayStation Network launch, the PSN-exclusive album "Street Fighter Underground Remix" was also released, made up of five rap remixes featuring artists Hieroglyphics, Redman, Oh No, DJ Toure, Mistah F.A.B., DJ Qbert, and Zion I. Each track samples from various "Street Fighter" franchise media, including "HD Remix".
They met during their high school years and as teens they were fascinated by the work of DJ Qbert and DJ Shadow, the founding fathers of turntablism. They set off to make a name for themselves at the turn of the millennium and soon started developing their own unique performing style.
In 1994, after winning three consecutive DMC World Championships, it was rumored that Mix Master Mike and Q-Bert were asked to retire from further competition, so as to avoid monopolizing the title. This claim is disputed by the DMC World Championship Website. After retiring from the world of competitive turntablism, Mix Master Mike and Qbert became judges for the 1995 DMC Championships.
Some Assembly Required has featured interviews with a number of influential sound collage artists including The Bran Flakes, Emergency Broadcast Network, The Evolution Control Committee, Omer Fast, DJ Food, The Freelance Hellraiser, Girl Talk, Go Home Productions, Christian Marclay, Negativland, John Oswald, People Like Us, DJ Qbert, DJ Spooky, Steinski, The Tape-beatles, Wayne Butane and many more.
The Jazz Mafia has also collaborated with hip-hop artists DJ Qbert, Zion I, The Grouch, Ledesi, Chief Xcel, Lateef The Truthspeaker, Baby Jaymes, Kid Koala, DJ Logic, EPMD, Digital Underground and Shock G Lyrics Born and J Boogie, singers Beck, Spearhead, Eric Lindell and Thomas Dolby, guitarist Will Bernard
The program brings together artists from multiple genres, and has featured interviews with sound collage artists such as The Bran Flakes, Emergency Broadcast Network, The Evolution Control Committee, Omer Fast, DJ Food, The Freelance Hellraiser, Girl Talk, Go Home Productions, Christian Marclay, Negativland, John Oswald, People Like Us, DJ Qbert, DJ Spooky, Steinski, The Tape-beatles and many more, since 1999.
Reeps One has supported acts such as Rusko, Benga, Skream and Emalkay, along with The Prodigy, Andy C, Roni Size, De La Soul, Jay Sean, DJ Qbert, Akon, Chris Brown, Scratch Perverts and Foreign Beggars, has played at the Glastonbury Music Festival three years in a row and internationally, and most recently performed at TomorrowWorld 2015, on the Mythical Frames Stage.