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Examples of "qdd"
The same drive mechanism, manufactured by BSR, and cartridges were used in a similar device known as the Quick Data Drive (QDD), designed to connect to the cassette port of Commodore 64 and Commodore VIC-20 home computers.
Linn was the senior coach at the QDD Swim Team in Manassas, Virginia from September 2004 until August 2007. Linn coached three swimmers to national championship qualifying times and he also coached three of the four QDD women in the 200-meter freestyle relay to the VSI State Senior Championships for short course in 2007, breaking the meet record and nearly breaking the five-year-old state record. Linn coached 11 QDD athletes whom achieved USA Swimming's Scholastic All-American status for the 2006–07 school year, Linn coached for Tar Heel Aquatic Team, in Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina from August 2007 to December 2007. He now coaches for Nations Capital swim team in northern Virginia.
A similar concept to the ZX Microdrive was the extremely fast "Phonemark 8500 Quick Data Drive" which has capacity using a micro-cassette storage unit and used the C2N Datasette. The concept eventually succumbed to floppy drives. The Quick Data Drive (QDD) connected to the datassette port of the Commodore 64 and could load data at which is faster than the C1541 floppy drive. It needed a small program code to be loaded in the memory at 0xC000-0xCFFF which collided with many other programs. The cost for the drive would have been equivalent to 100 EUR in 2010. It could also be daisy chained and worked with the VIC-20 computer as well. The QDD could hold 255 files per "disc". The Rotronics Wafadrive used same drive mechanism, manufactured by BSR.
As the cost in the 1980s to add 5¼-inch drives was still quite high, the Mitsumi Quick Disk was competing as a lower cost alternative packaged in several now obscure 8-bit computer systems. Another non-inclusive list of Quick Disk versions: QDM-01, QDD (Quick Disk Drive) on French Thomson micro-computers, in the Casio QD-7 drive, in a peripheral for the Sharp MZ-700 & MZ-800 system, in the DPQ-280 Quickdisk for the Daewoo/Dynadata MSX1 DPC-200, in the Dragon 32/64 machine, in the Crescent Quick Disk 128, 128i and 256 peripherals for the ZX Spectrum, and in the Triton Quick Disk peripheral also for the ZX Spectrum.