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guowei              zhixing              jiali              jiafu              qinggang              zizhong              guihua              aihua              jingyu              baohua              yajun              wenyi              yanming              jiaxuan              yueqi              renliang              jingyan              jiaxiang              yanling              xinxin              linli              yanxi              xianying              dezhi              chenglong              guanglie              yijun              yubo              yuanhao              jianfeng              weiqing              zhihui              xiuzhi              yuhe              jianzhang              guoping              yihe              zhihong              jingwen              yiqin              weicheng              shenji              tailai              jianan              xiaoyang              zizhou              qichen              baorong              xiaoxuan              hongzhu             

Examples of "qifeng"
The F12 event was won by Duan Qifeng, representing .
The R2 Subway Line passes through the Huangqi Mountain. People can get off at the Qifeng Park Station and it only a takes 2-minute walk from the subway station to the gates of the Qifeng Park.
The township comprises 10 villages: Guanglin, Linbian, Qifeng, Renhe, Shuili, Tiancuo, Yongle, Zengan, Zhonglin and Zhulin.
Qifeng Park Station is a metro station in Dongguan, China. It opened on 27 May 2016.
Qifeng City Park (Chinese: 旗峰公园) is one of the most famous and popular parks in Dongguan. It has an area of 2.34 square kilometers, and is located in the center of Dongcheng Substrict. There are some well-known tourist attractions in Qifeng City Park, like the Huangqi Mountain, the Huangqi Guanyin Temple and the Lantern of the Mountain (one of the eight famous Dongguan scenery). People climb the Qifeng Mountain on weekends and some important festivals.
Jianfu and Qifeng stayed in Shanghai till 1918. By 1923, the brothers established the Spring Awakening Art Academy in Canton.
Duan Qifeng (1972 - ) is a paralympic athlete from China competing mainly in category F12 long and triple jump events.
Pu Qifeng (born 3 January 1986) is a male Chinese sports shooter. He won the silver medal for 10 m air pistol at the 2014 Asian Games.
In 1931 Xia Qifeng and Li Shi () translated Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi's "Pan-europa" (Chinese Title was ), and published from "Dadong Shuju" () in Shanghai.
During the 1826 invasion, Jahangir Khoja's forces took six Hui Muslims as slaves (Nian Dengxi, Liu Qifeng, Wu Erqi, Ma Tianxi, Tian Guan and Li Shengzhao) and sold them in Central Asia. They escaped and returned to China via Russia.
Upon the recommendation of doctors, Ji Longxiang was not able to join the Race and as a result, Xu Qifeng replaced him as Liu Xiang's Partner during the race.
Zhou Qifeng (, born October 1947) is a Chinese chemist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He succeeded Xu Zhihong to the office of the President of Peking University on November 14, 2008.
In the winter of 1906, Gao Jianfu left for Tokyo. After spending some time there and finding himself poor and without much food, he returned to Canton for the summer. In 1907, Jianfu returned to Tokyo with his nineteen-year-old brother, Gao Qifeng. They met up with their friend Chen Shuren.
Yue Qifeng () (December 1931 – March 24, 2008) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Daming County, Hebei Province. In January 1945, at the age of 13, he joined the Communist Party of China. He was governor of his home province (1990).
In 1911 Xia Qifeng graduated from the Nanhui Middle School, and entered the Jiangsu High School (). Having graduated from this High school in 1914, he went to France two year later in "Diligent work and Economical study" (). Until 1919 he engaged in translation.
Zhou Qifeng was an undergraduate student in Peking University from 1965 to 1970, and became a faculty member immediately after his graduation in 1970. He was studying in University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1980 to 1983 and returned to Peking University after receiving his PhD degree.
During the 1826 invasion Jahangir Khoja's forces took six Hui Muslims as slaves, Nian Dengxi, Liu Qifeng, Wu Erqi, Ma Tianxi, Tian Guan, and Li Shengzhao, and sold them off in Central Asia, they escaped and fled back to China via Russia.
Duan Qifeng competed in the 2004 Summer Paralympics where he won three medals. He won gold in the F12 triple jump and a bronze in the F12 long jump, he was also part of the gold medal winning Chinese 4x100m relay team.
The name "Kaifeng" first appeared as the area's name after the Qin's conquest of China in the second century BC and literally means "expand the borders". Its name was originally Qifeng (), but the syllable "qi" was changed to the essentially synonymous "kai" to avoid the naming taboo of Liu Qi (Emperor Jing of Han).
The incident came to the attention of all levels in the Chinese government and security agencies. In Heilongjiang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Yue Qifeng (岳岐峰), Provincial Governor Tian Fengshan (田凤山), Vice Provincial Governor Yang Zhihai (杨志海), and others, made serious comments about the incident.