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yonggang              wenbin              weiqing              yijun              haibo              xiaoguang              zhihong              xiaojun              jianfeng              yajun              guowei              xiaoyan              meifang              jiping              jiafu              yixiang              guofu              yanming              xiaohong              zhixian              jingyu              zhaoxing              guoping              weiguo              daoming              jiasheng              chunli              yunshan              huimin              jianhua              jiali              yanfeng              lijun              yiqing              shengjun              zhibin              zhiyong              yuanyuan              zhihui              jingsheng              chunhua              zhensheng              yongqing              renliang              xiaowei              xiaofeng              haiping              weixing              hongwei              xiaobing             

Examples of "qiming"
In 1939, Huang Qiming president in Hong Kong died Zhangci.
Li Qiming () (September 1915 – December 19, 2007) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Shenchi County, Shanxi Province. He was governor of Shaanxi Province.
Zhou Qiming (; born 24 July 1994 in Sichuan) is a Chinese professional football player who currently plays for Chinese Super League side Tianjin Teda as a Midfielder.
The Women's 100 metre backstroke S11 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 25 September. It was won by Dong Qiming, representing .
In Macau, we continue to be leaving in the form of BRANCH primary by Zhao Bilan (Huang Qiming president's widow) to head director.
The Rainbow Media Awards recognized CCTV host Qiu Qiming as the China Rainbow Media Special Contribution Award. Qiming has paid attention to LGBTI issues for many years. He publicly supports LGBT communities and tirelessly promotes an accepting society; a society moving away from conservatism and traditionalism; a society embracing diversity. His programs have enabled a better public understanding of LGBTI issues, and have contributed positively to the elimination of stigma and prejudice.
Twelve police officers were penalized for dereliction of duty regarding the murders, including Da Qiming, Jinning police chief, and Zhao Huiyun, head of the Jincheng Township police station, who were both dismissed from office.
Qiming Zhang is a distinguished professor of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. He is also the vice President & CTO at Strategic Polymer Sciences, Inc.
In 1918, Pui Ching Alumni Huang Qiming president took over, and by the Council in order to travel abroad founding fundraising during the 30th anniversary of one hundred and fifty thousand to the future with a positive culture for development. Huang Qiming school principals exceeded, many universities are recruiting exemption Peizheng school graduates, including Lingnan University, University of Shanghai, Yenching University, Private University of Nanking (now the University of Nanking ), Central University (now the Central China Normal University ), Guanghua University (defunct), Qilu University (the dissolved and merged into other universities and colleges ). When the Pui Ching students' physical and academic achievement outstanding reputation nationwide.
Guangdong International Circuit is a motor sport facility located at Da Wang, Sihui, in Zhaoqing city in China, approx 45 mins by car from Guangzhou. Designed by a female Chinese designer Qiming Yao, it is the second permanent motor sport facility in Guangdong, China, after Zhuhai International Circuit. The Guangdong International Circuit completed in 2009.
In his Special Contribution Award acceptance video, Qiu Qiming states: "Discrimination itself is not that scary, yet when discrimination becomes normalized, it runs counter to justice and fairness. The gay community should be able to enjoy the sunshine, just like everybody else."
In 2013, Zhou Qiming started his professional footballer career with Tianjin Teda in the Chinese Super League. He would eventually make his league debut for Tianjin Teda on 28 September 2014 in a game against Henan Jianye. He was sent to the reserved team in 2015 and 2016.
In January 2011, Li Qiming was arrested. He was sentenced to six years in jail and ordered to pay the equivalent of $69,900 in compensation to the family of Chen Xiaofeng. Li was also ordered to pay $13,800 to the injured woman.
Several modern western and Japanese critics, including A. C. Graham, Naotarō Kudō and J. D. Frodsham, have claimed that Li's poetry was not widely read until the modern era, but this is not entirely accurate. In a 1994 survey, Wu Qiming pointed out that Li was in premodern China more subject to imitation than to neglect.
Starting from August 2010, Zhihu was under development (originally under the name "Azid"). It went through a closed beta test at the end of December 2010. The final product went on line on January 26, 2011. It has reportedly received fundings from Kai-Fu Lee's Innovation Works, Qiming Ventures, SAIF Partners, Tencent and Sogou.
Gu Erniang was a famous Chinese inkstone artist who lived during the reign of Kangxi Emperor. She was the daughter-in-law of the famed inkstone artist Gu Shengzhi and married to her colleague Gu Qiming. During her career, she was regarded as the best of her profession in China.
Wu attended Hangzhou Girls' School and Shanghai Qiming Girls' School, and started teaching in 1919 at Beijing Women's Higher Normal School. She earned her doctorate degree in biology and philosophy in 1928 after studying entomology at the University of Michigan in the United States. She returned to China in the same year and became the president of Ginling College, and remained the president for 23 years.
A Native of Beijing in New York, also known as Beijinger in New York () is a novel by Glen Cao (曹桂林), based on his own immigrant story. It was translated into English by Ted Wang (卡本特王). The story follows Qiming Wang and his wife Yan Guo as they work towards the American dream — telling of their immigration, employment, the rearing of their daughter, their eventual success and tragedy — in the foreign environment of the United States. The book was China's #1 best-seller for 1991.
Xiaomi was co-founded by eight partners on 6 April 2010. In the first round of funding, institutional investors included Temasek Holdings, a Singaporean government-owned investment company, the Chinese venture capital funds IDG Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, and mobile processor developer Qualcomm. On 16 August 2010, Xiaomi officially launched its first Android-based firmware MIUI. The Xiaomi Mi1 smartphone was announced in August 2011. It was shipped with Xiaomi's MIUI firmware which is based on Android and resembles Samsung's TouchWiz and Apple's iOS. The device could also be equipped with stock Android.
PySCF is an ab initio computational chemistry program natively implemented in Python program language. The package aims to provide a simple, light-weight and efficient platform for quantum chemistry code developing and calculation. It provides various functions to do the Hartree-Fock, MP2, density functional theory, MCSCF, Coupled Cluster theory at non-relativistic level and 4-component relativistic Hartree-Fock theory. Although most functions are written in Python, the computation critical modules are intensively optimized in C. As a result, the package works as efficient as other C/Fortran based quantum chemistry program. PySCF is developed by Dr. Qiming Sun.