Synonyms for qnot or Related words with qnot

outd              qbar              tristated              outhb              doutb              compout              clockir              nreset              cmpout              rstb              outc              cudecoded              noninverted              rsff              outm              saout              sdout              outl              outf              hvout              douta              soutb              clkoutn              outr              outh              srout              rsout              outreg              crst              clki              tristate              mout              doutn              dataout              upena              outn              clkinb              clkdb              qfig              resetb              outb              oeb              enbl              linespulse              muxn              clkp              mhzcmosused              outp              wspena              forcemute             

Examples of "qnot"
Q Language was implemented as an extension of C++ programming language. It provides classes for basic quantum operations like QHadamard, QFourier, QNot, and QSwap, which are derived from the base class Qop. New operators can be defined using C++ class mechanism.