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Examples of "qtwebkit"
rekonq uses the WebKit HTML rendering engine provided in QtWebKit.
On 30 March 2016 QupZilla 2.0 was released. It marked the transition from QtWebKit to Qt WebEngine.
Capybara-webkit driver (gem) is used for true headless browser testing with JavaScript support. It uses QtWebKit and it is significantly faster than Selenium as it does not load the entire browser.
rekonq is a lightweight, QtWebKit-based web browser developed inside the free software project KDE. It is the default web browser of Chakra GNU/Linux, and was formerly of Kubuntu (between versions 10.10 and 13.10). rekonq has been officially included in KDE Extragear since May 25, 2010. In contrast to Konqueror, a web browser and file manager also developed by KDE, rekonq aims to be a standalone and simple web browser.
Movial IXS Internet Experience Suite is an embedded web runtime solution that consists of a suite of tools and applications for fast creation of Linux-based Internet enabled devices. Movial IXS Browser leverages QtWebKit to provide a desktop-like browsing experience on all connected Linux based devices. The solution supports the multi-core capabilities of the latest ARM CortexTM-A9 based chips and has been optimized for the latest Internet devices. Movial IXS Widgets is a multiplatform widget runtime. It includes a set of premade widgets and offers tools for creating new widgets and optimization of widgets for different input methods and screen resolutions. The runtime utilizes Movial's Browser D-Bus Bridge which allows access to system level services and enables creation of system integrated widgets such as VoIP calls and video players.