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que_je              je_vous              je_ne              laisse              que_aime              quelqu_un              mon_cœur              il_faut              qu_une              que_vous              était              étais              amour_est              quand_tu              vient              veux              et_puis              avec_moi              avais              mieux              ça_va              toujours              pour_vous              parce_que              un_peu              une_chanson              souvent              je_te              je_veux              donc              regarde              mon_coeur              pleure              avec_toi              rêver              qu_elle              pour_toi              où_est              oublier              si_étais              pour_nous              qu_il              quelque_chose              je_crois              un_jour              ils_ont              je_vais              seule              rien_que              rien_ne             

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The following people contributed to "Quand je ferme les yeux":
  59 (1-59): When I Grow Up ("Quand je serais Grand")
“Je ne suis jamais plus sérieux, madame, que quand je dis des bêtises.”
"Quand je n'aime plus je m'en vais" / "Nostalgie" was released as a single in 1981, prior to the album.
Orders – Comfort and Indifference – Elvis Gratton – October – Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore – February 15, 1839
It was succeeded as Luxembourgish representative at the 1990 Contest by Céline Carzo with "Quand je te rêve".
"À vous dire la vérité, il y a peu de choses qui me soient impossibles, quand je veux m'y mêler."
These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Quand je ferme les yeux".
In 1999, Gauthier appeared in the critically acclaimed film by Michel Brault, "Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore" (English title: "The Long Winter").
That same year, Priscilla went to New York and met her idol Britney Spears. Spears presented her with a "disque d'or" for her single "Quand je serai jeune".
The original can be heard below, in the first sample, "Quand je bois du vin clairet". An alternative version for lute solo also exists, in Attaingnant's printed works.
The 2011 contemporary classical album Troika includes a setting of Lermontov's French-language poem "Quand je te vois sourire…" by the composer Isabelle Aboulker.
"Quand je te rêve" (English translation: "When I Dream of You") was Luxembourgish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1990, performed by the French singer Céline Carzo.
"Quand je serai là, je serai sans souci" (Once I am there, I shall be carefree) Frederick the Great said in 1744.
"When I Think of You" ("Quand Je Pense A Toi") as well as "A Woman's Heart" ("Le Coeur D'Une Femme") were recorded in French for release in Canada.
French rap artist La Fouine sampled the first verse of the song in his 2013 song "Quand Je Partirai". The single peaked at #74 in the French charts.
He is co-director of the documentary "I Remember Better When I Paint". The film, inspired by the story of Hilda Goldblatt Gorenstein (Hilgos), focuses on how the creative arts can help Alzheimer's patients re-engage in life. A French version of the film "Je me souviens mieux quand je peins" was released as part of the French Alzheimer Association's activities on World Alzheimer's Day in September 2009. Extracts from "Je me souviens mieux quand je peins" were featured on France 2 television
"Quand je n'aime plus je m'en vais" became a minor hit due to extensive promotion on French and German television as was "Nostalgie" which is a cover of Marty Balin's hit song "Hearts" that Dalida was very fond of.
Marchal has written several songs, both solo ("Nous vivrons tous les trois", "Ne pleure pas ma mie") or with his friends and producers at CBE, George Chatelain and Bernard Estardy ("Dieu qu'elle était belle", "Quand je te regarde vivre").
She is best known for her two essays: "D'elles" (1979) and "Quand je lis je m'invente" (1984), which contributed to the development of feminist criticism in Quebec. Her writing appeared in various magazines such as "Châtelaine", "Forces", "Cahiers du centre de recherche sur le surréalisme" and "Actuellement". She was manager for the cultural magazine "Spirale" from 1984 to 1986.