Synonyms for quercophilus or Related words with quercophilus

ingratus              monanthos              formicetorum              semiustus              apodasmia              limnebius              pandanicola              bolanthus              guillauminiana              eichleriana              maerkelii              batemannia              bicrenata              negastrius              leptostachyum              lecythium              petraeum              porodiscus              eotrachodon              fimetarius              brenskei              henriettea              schinzi              pallidicollis              sciodrepoides              lenoxus              candefactus              pyrofomes              melanodon              malthodes              psophus              psittacinus              umbellatarum              fukuititan              oxyspora              bractescens              erichsoni              elixii              strombocactus              radulinus              vitularia              nemorale              praeceps              palaeocryptonyx              eiselti              ernsti              malthinus              amaliae              geoffreyi              liogaster             

Examples of "quercophilus"
Sarcodon quercophilus is a species of tooth fungus in the family Bankeraceae. Found in Belize, where it grows on the ground in mountainous cloud forest under oak, it was described as new to science in 2015.
It was officially described by American mycologists Harry D. Thiers and Alexander H. Smith in 1976 from a specimen collected near Jacob Lake, Arizona on August 21, 1971 by amateur mycologist Charles "Chuck" Barrows, who had studied the mushroom in New Mexico. It was previously held to be a white colour form of "Boletus edulis". A 2010 molecular study found that "B. barrowsii" was sister to a lineage that gave rise to the species "B. quercophilus" of Costa Rica and "B. nobilissimus" of eastern North America.