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Examples of "quinteros"
Quinteros was born in Huancayo, the son of Julio Ignacio Quinteros Surco († 2011).
Josef Quinteros (born 1976) more commonly known as Bansi Quinteros is a trance keyboardist
Quinteros was born in Lima, the son of Julio Ignacio Quinteros Surco († 2011).
Henry Edson Quinteros Sánchez (born 19 October 1977 in Lima) is a retired football midfielder from Peru. He is also the older brother of Ronald Quinteros.
Quinteros was eventually killed by his former comrades.
The rare Sicilian Defence line 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Qc7 is sometimes known as the Quinteros Variation, after it was introduced into first class play by Quinteros against Henrique Mecking in 1971.
Ronald Jonathan Quinteros Sánchez (born June 28, 1985 in Huancayo, Peru) is a Peruvian footballer. He currently plays for Juan Aurich in the Torneo Descentralizado. He is also the younger brother of Henry Quinteros.
Other notable bands of this period included Sinergia, Leo Quinteros and Alamedas.
Quinteros also featured on the debut album of Chilean band Alamedas, "Alamedas", in 2004.
Érika Benilda Chávez Quinteros (born 4 June 1990 in San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas) is an Ecuadorian sprinter.
Lorenzo Quinteros (born 14 June 1945) is an Argentine cinema and theatre actor.
Miguel Ángel Quinteros (born December 28, 1947 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine chess grandmaster.
The School Nº 181 changed its name to "Elena Quinteros School"
Quinteros is married to a former Filipino model whom he met at the 1976 Manila Interzonal.
In the early 1980s PGT-PC expelled Carlos Quinteros ("nom de guerre": Miguel). Quinteros had joined PGT-PC after having participated in the formation of the National Directing Nucleus of PGT (PGT-NDN). Quinteros was captured by state forces on October 9, 1983. Quinteros become a collaborator of the government armed forces. He provided information to the military about the whereabouts and identities of leaders and key cadres of PGT, PGT-NDN and PGT-PC. The arrests and killings that followed wiped out PGT-PC. Only a small section of the party remained active, regrouping itself as the Guatemalan Party of Labour – Alamos.
"1A" was his first official, full-length album, recorded independently in 2004. Its composition and arrangements were praised by critics. In late 2005, Quinteros released his second album,"Leo Quinteros, Ahora!" (Leo Quinteros, Now!), whose single "Fiesta Pagada" (Paid Party) moved rapidly up radio playlists. Some of the album's live tracks featured Gonzalo Planet (Matorral) on bass and Álvaro Gomez (Guiso and Perrosky) on drums.
Eliana Quinteros (born 1987 in Quinindé, Esmeraldas, Ecuador) is a beauty pageant titleholder who competed in Miss Ecuador 2008
Jorge "Polo" Quinteros (born July 27, 1974 in San Fernando, Buenos Aires Province) is a retired Argentine footballer.
Marcelo Nildo Quinteros (born 23 December 1976 in Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe) is an Argentine football midfielder.
Luis Ignacio Quinteros (born April 23, 1979) is a Chilean football striker who currently plays for Unión La Calera.