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Examples of "quoi"
Quoi ! tant d'effets si beaux, le ventre les opère!
"2000 ans de quoi ?", Grand Théâtre d’Angers, Angers - FRANCE
À quoi rêvent les statues?, poems, éd. Anthologie,1989
Except : "À quoi je sers...": Requiem Publishing / Bertrand Le Page
"2000 ans de quoi ?", Galerie Lina Davidov, Paris - FRANCE
Edmond Demolins's A quoi tient La superiorite des Anglo-Saxons
French: "C'est quoi dans la boite? Je ne sais pas!"; Russian: "Что в коробке?"
On November 12, 2008, Quoi de Neuf was moved from channel 245 to channel 125.
Michaël D. Cornette, "Quoi de neuf à Paris?," Paris Capitale Magazine, 4 Jan. 2006:90.
Borrowed from French is "je ne sais quoi" ("I know not what").
In 2004, Zéro also hosted "C’est quoi ce jeu?" on Canal +.
Hu ! hu ! dis-je en pleurant, quoi ! ce dieu qui digère,
These are the formats and track listings of single releases of "À quoi je sers...":
"Digital art with je ne sais quoi", Xeni Jardin,, 2002
The words "kwassa kwassa" may have come from the French "quoi ça?" ("what is this?").
His most recent novel, "À quoi ça rime?", was published in 2013.
Il speak que quoi? - What is he talking about/ what is he saying?
When a relative clause is to serve as an inanimate noun, it is prefixed with "ce": « ce que j'ai dit » ("that which I said", "what I said"). In a prepositional phrase after "ce", the pronoun "lequel" is replaced with the pronoun "quoi": « ce à quoi je pense » ("that about which I am thinking", "what I am thinking about"; note the non-contraction of "ce"), except that "ce dont" is usually preferred to "ce de quoi" ( both meaning "that of which").
According to Infodisc website, "N'importe quoi" is the 365th best-selling single of all time in France.
Coordination du dossier "Quoi de neuf en histoire ancienne ?", Cahiers du Centre de recherches historiques, n° 37, April 2006.