Synonyms for raavukal or Related words with raavukal

njaan              iniyum              swapnangal              rajavu              bandhangal              avarude              sookshikkuka              manassoru              idanilangal              thilakam              theerpu              puzhayozhukum              varavu              varusham              bhoomiyile              muthassi              snehamulla              pennu              niramulla              kaattu              nimishangal              thavaru              avalude              poocha              thathamme              marikkumo              thumbolarcha              koottam              kadathanadan              agninakshathram              pennum              paravaigal              nanmakal              painkili              bhaarya              kanninum              kalyaanam              veliye              geetham              gaanam              cheppu              puthri              snehicha              iruvattam              arputha              thirakal              veettile              nyayavidhi              vilakkum              orikkal             

Examples of "raavukal"
Noottonnu Raavukal (English: Hundred and One Days) is a 1990 Malayalam film directed by Sasi Mohan and written by Kaloor Dennis. The film stars Balachandra Menon, Uravshi and Parvathy in the lead roles.
He is currently working on Third World Boys, a road movie and Theeram. He is also playing a major role in Avarude Raavukal starring Asif Ali (actor) and Unni Mukundan, and directed by Shanil Muhammed who had earlier co-directed Philips and the Monkey Pen.
I. V. Sasi started his film career as an art director. Later, after working as an assistant director in some films, he directed his first film at the age of 27. Though his name was not mentioned in the credits, the film turned out to be a huge success. He started his directorial career officially with his first film "Ulsavam". Soon he carved out a name for himself in the Malayalam film industry. His films were known for their uniqueness and always contained a stamp of his directorial style. I. V. Sasi has directed more than 170 odd films over a span of 34 years and has constantly delivered super hits and some of them classified as classics or good cinema. His Malayalam film "Avalude Raavukal" permanently established his name in the industry. This film was later dubbed into many other Indian languages including Hindi. It was the second film in Malayalam to be rated as "Adults only" even though it was a drama.