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Examples of "rabenstein"
Rabenstein (officially: "Rabenstein/Fläming") is a municipality in the Potsdam-Mittelmark district, in Brandenburg, Germany.
Schloss Rabenstein is a castle in Styria, Austria. Schloss Rabenstein is situated at an elevation of 374 meters.
Rabenstein Castle () is a ruined rock castle in Carinthia, Austria. Rabenstein Castle is above sea level. Rabenstein Castle was built around 1100 to protect nearby Sankt Paul im Lavanttal.
Rabenstein Castle (German:"Burg Rabenstein") is the smallest Mediaeval castle in Saxony. It is located in the Chemnitz suburb of Rabenstein and belongs to the Chemnitz Castle Hill Museum.
There is a hostel and a restaurant in Rabenstein Castle.
With the death of Peter John Albert of Rabenstein on 19 May 1742 the last Rabenstein at Rabeneck, the family died out and the Barony of Rabeneck reverted to the Bishopric of Bamberg.
Nearby are the ruins of Waischenfeld Castle and, to the east, Rabenstein Castle, which was probably the family seat of the Rabenecks, who belonged to the family of ministeriales the House of Rabenstein.
Rabenstein Castle began as a mere watchtower built on a tall hill. Rabenstein became a castle when Engelbert I Sponheim, Margrave of Istria founded St. Paul's Abbey in 1091 in order to protect the abbey and town around it.
The Ravenecks of Babenberg probably come from the family of the lords of Rabenstein, as the word "Raben" ("raven") in both Rabenstein and Rabeneck and the close proximity of the two castles suggests.
At that tie Rabenstein Castle was already being described as dilapidated.
In 1603 the Stiebars sold their half to their brother-in-law, George Werner of Rabenstein.
Rabenstein an der Pielach is a municipality in the district of Sankt Pölten-Land in Lower Austria, Austria.
The Chemnitz petrified forest is located in the courtyard of Kulturkaufhaus Tietz. It is one of the very few in existence, and dates back several million years. Also within the city limits, in the district of Rabenstein, is the smallest castle in Saxony, Rabenstein Castle.
There is a visitor center in Rabenstein/Fläming offering information, an interesting exhibition, a bike rental and a shop with regional products.
Rabenstein an der Pielach lies in the middle of the Pielach valley in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria. About 45.51 percent of the municipality is forested.
Rabenstein Castle () is a former high medieval aristocratic castle in the municipality of Ahorntal in the Upper Franconian county of Bayreuth in the German state of Bavaria.
In 1557 the castle went to the von Rabensteins who had ambitions for the nobility and bought back their family seat. Daniel of Rabenstein remodelled the castle in 1570, the old outer ward being merged with the inner ward.
Michailidis was born in Crete. He studied piano with Dimitris Toufexis in Athens. He continued his musical studies at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, where he studied conducting with Hans-Martin Rabenstein.
The towns Ziesar, Bad Belzig, Niemegk, Treuenbrietzen, Jüterbog, Baruth/Mark, Dahme/Mark, Wittenberg, Loburg, Möckern, and Zerbst, as well as the municipalities Wiesenburg (Mark) and Rabenstein/Fläming, are situated in or at the border of the Fläming Heath.
Petzoldt was born in Rabenstein. He was a member of the under Rudolf Mauersberger. and attended the He studied theology at the University of Leipzig, graduating in 1969. He was promoted there in 1976 and achieved his habilitation in 1985.