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Examples of "rabitsch"
Thomas Rabitsch (born 19 November 1956 in Vienna) is an Austrian keyboardist and record producer.
Christoph Rabitsch (born 10 April 1996) is an Austrian footballer who plays for Wolfsberger AC.
Stephan Rabitsch (born 28 June 1991) is an Austrian racing cyclist. He rode at the 2013 UCI Road World Championships.
The Slow Club is the name of a music project founded in 2004 by the Austrian musicians Hansi Lang, Thomas Rabitsch and Wolfgang Schlögl.
Harald Rabitsch was an Austrian luger who competed in the 1980s. A natural track luger, he won the bronze medal in the men's doubles event at the 1983 FIL European Luge Natural Track Championships in St. Konrad, Austria.
Westend was an Austrian musical group of the 1980s. It participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, performing the entry "Hurricane". The band consisted of Gary Lux, Hans Christian Wagner, Bernhard Rabitsch, Peter Vieweger and Patricia Tandien. In that contest the band ended in 9th place and received 53 points.
The magazine's regularly editorial staff and columnists included inter alia authors like the book-author Andreas Winterer (author-synonyme: "Zara" and writer of the Science Fiction parody novel ""Cosmo Pollite""), Kirsten Peter Rabitsch (author-synonyme: Lethargoman, *1978 - †2006 and name-giver of the ""Kirsten P. Rabitsch Award""), Stefanie Teufel (journalist and author of the advise books ""Jetzt lerne ich Suse Linux" (German title: "Now I learn Suse Linux""), Elke K. (TV-screenplay author and founder of the women satire magazine ""Bitchkitsch"", ZYN!-column ""Blondes Gift" - German: "Blonde Poison""), Christian Martin (musician, lead singer of the former "Stereotypen" band and author of the German satire magazine "Titanic" ("Letters For Experts"), Peter Hostermann (author synonyme "Onkelhoste" and founder of the satiric blog ""), Raymund Krauleidis (author of the novel "Schmoltke & Ich" and co-author of various adviser books "For Dummies") and other editors.
She was the opening act for Joe Cocker's tour in Austria and Germany, accompanied by a band that included Florian Cojocaru on guitar, Pohn Alex on drums, and Parisini on piano. In 2011, she was a vocalist at the singer at the Slow Club Revisited, a band project, in which Wolfgang Schlögl and Thomas Rabitsch continued the idea of their earlier group known as The Slow Club, that had stopped after the death of the project's singer Hansi Lang. This was followed by the album "Open Secrets" in 2012.
Falco has been described by those who knew him as having a complex personality. He has been called ambitious, eccentric, caring, egotistical and deeply insecure. Thomas Rabitsch, a keyboardist who met Falco when the aspiring pop star was only seventeen years old, said he was a quiet young man and precise bass player, but also arrogant and with a "very high opinion of himself." Markus Spiegel, the manager who discovered Falco, admitted that the pop star was, "an extremely difficult artist" and known womanizer. Peter Vieweger, a guitarist who knew Falco before his success and continued to play in Falco's touring band and on his albums, remembers Falco as being "scared he would fail or be unmasked and not be as good as people thought he was."
After Falco's death, an Internet company offered a song named "Where Are You Now? (Jeanny Part III)" for download in 2000. The company officials said that the tape with the song was sent to them anonymously; because it was unauthorized the webpage providing the ability to download the song was taken offline shortly later. The music is taken from a period in 1988 when Falco had returned to work with Bolland & Bolland. Soon the theory sprang up that the song was actually a demo tape mixed by Bolland from other studio material in which Falco sung lyrics that had been proposed by Bolland to Falco, but the production of a studio version of the song was abandoned and it was not included on the Falco album for which it had been planned. This explanation was first offered by Falco's fellow musicians Richard Pettauer and Thomas Rabitsch and it was later confirmed by Bolland & Bolland in a television show on 5 February 2007.
Building on this success, Roman Rabitsch announced the release of a range of products, including the SSD2go Pro, AVpro SSD and AVraw SSD, in September 2013 at the International Broadcasting Convention Conference of that year, targeting professional audio and video producers. The AVraw is specifically designed for professional raw video footage. Red Shark News, a technology publication for professionals in the moving images industry, stated in their review of the AVPro SSD, "It's as if it was designed as a new type of media cartridge that has to last for ages in tough conditions, and be very fast at the same time. It's almost analogous to XDCAM or P2 storage - both designed for rugged, professional use, except that they don't come clad in solid aluminium. When you see it, you realise how inadequate "standard" SSDs are."