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regarde              comprendre              mourir              sauver              quelqu              pleurer              envers              vont              enfin              celui              avait              reviens              laisse              mieux              endroit              quoi              prend              perdre              ainsi              veut              toute              fillettes              embrasse              peuvent              vouloir              donc              appartient              faites              aimais              vraiment              regarder              aimait              apprendre              entretien              aurez              camarade              chantent              revient              autrement              derniers              joue              avaient              avez              apprends              foule              oublier              vrai              oublie              devient              simplement             

Examples of "raconte"
Since 2010, he has been touring with his first one man show, "Malik Bentalha se la raconte", directed by Alex Lutz. In December 2014, a DVD was released. In January 2015, W9 broadcast a live session of the one man show, followed by a TV report, "Malik se raconte".
Kent's 2010 album "Raconte-moi..." was recorded entirely in the French language and was a commercial success in France and Germany, gaining Gold album status.
On CFTM channel 10, Desrosiers hosted "Patofville" from 1973 till 1976, "Patof raconte" broadcast the weekends between 1975 and 1976, and "Patof voyage" from 1976 till 1977.
- 2008, « Graine d’archives. Quand l’histoire me raconte », in Récits, Histoire, Individus (sous la direction de Maryline Crivello et Jean-Noël Pelen), Presses Universitaires de Provence;
For Radio-Canada, Demers hosted a children's show called "Dominique raconte...", where she read approximately 150 books to young viewers. The show ran for three seasons under Téléfiction.
On the Billboard charts "Raconte-moi" featured in the European Top 100 Albums and the top French Albums and reached 13 on the Jazz Albums chart.
Pier 21 Reads profiles Canadian authors whose work touches on immigration, either from their own experience, their point of view, or the stories of their characters. This program is offered in English or French (Le Quai 21 se raconte).
In January 1972, the clown Patof made his appearance in the series "Le Cirque du Capitaine" on the French-language Quebec television station CFTM-TV Channel 10. He hosted three different series: "Patofville", "Patof raconte" and "Patof voyage".
In 1997 she began her title role in "Josephine, Guardian Angel", a TF1 show which is still in production as of 2010. In 2006 she issued a music CD, "La Vie M'a Raconte" (Life Told Me) produced by Patrick Fiori.
Some of the adventures of Patof were released as recordings and comic strips: "Patof en Russie", "Patof chez les esquimaux", "Patof chez les coupeurs de têtes", "Patof dans la baleine", "Patof chez les petits hommes verts", "Patof chez les cowboys", "Patof raconte", "Patof découvre un ovni", "Patof en Chine" and "Patof chez les dinosaures".
Raconte-moi... is a 2010 album by jazz singer Stacey Kent. This was Kent's first album recorded in the French language and featured mostly songs by French writers as well as songs from the Great American Songbook and Bossa Nova catalogue.
In 2008, the duo released "Tricot Machine chante et raconte 25 décembre", a Christmas-themed package comprising an EP of Christmas music and an illustrated children's book featuring an original Christmas story. They followed up with their second full-length album, "La prochaine étape", in 2010.
Mr. Tranquille is first mentioned in the television series "Patof raconte" (CFTM-TV, 1975). Played by the soundman Roger Giguère, it's an invisible character and he interacts with the clown Patof by means of sound and music effects. It's only in the series "Patof voyage" (CFTM-TV, 1976) that Roger Giguère embodies him as a puppet.
Tomlinson continues to write and arrange for Stacey, including special commissions for the BBC Big Band and work on the new French language album, Raconte-Moi projected for release in early 2010. Some of his compositions are "Postcard Lovers", with lyrics by novelist Kazuo Ishiguro; and "O Comboio", written by the Portuguese poet António Ladeira, which Kent sings in Portuguese.
Paulin Joachim (born 1931 in Cotonou, Dahomey) is a Beninese poet, journalist, and editor. He was educated in several places including Lyon and by 1971 was a French citizen. He also worked with French poet Philippe Soupault. His two volumes of poetry are "Un nègre raconte" in 1954 and "Anti-grâce" in 1967. He was political editor for "France Noir", an editor-in-chief for "Bingo", and manager for the African "Décennie 2." He is also strongly associated to David Diop. In 2006 he was among the winners of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute "W. E. B. Du Bois medal."
Friedman's biography of Berlusconi is being published in 19 languages and in 32 countries in the United States, Europe and Asia. First publication was in October 2015 in the United States by Hachette Books (Berlusconi: The Epic Story of the Billionaire Who Took Over Italy), in the UK (My Way: Berlusconi in his own words) and in Italy by Rizzoli (My Way: BERLUSCONI si racconta a FRIEDMAN), in France by Michel-Lafon (Berlusconi se raconte a Friedman), in the Netherlands (BERLUSCONI) and subsequently in Finland, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Turkey, and other countries.
Jacques Martin created the "Alix" series as one of his earliest heroes, and he continued solo conception, plot, dialogue and illustration for 50 years, even while developing other series such as "Lefranc". Due to failing eyesight and advancing age, since 1998 Martin gradually retired from the series, turning over tasks to various assistants. Rafael Morales became his first assistant, taking charge of the final illustrations with some assistance by Marc Henniquiau, while Martin continued writing the stories and performing the first sketches and layouts. In 2006, Martin turned over the final writing task to François Maingoval, while still conceiving the main storyline in rough draft form. In 2008, Maingoval shifted his attention to a spin-off series (see "Alix raconte" below), while Patrick Weber assumed the mantle of writing the main "Alix" series.
There is an unsubstantiated story that a pair of Yorkshiremen, engineer Robert Fourness and his cousin, physician James Ashworth had a steam carriage running in 1788, after being granted a British Patent, No.1674 of December 1788. An illustration of it even appeared in Hergé's book "Tintin raconte l'Histoire de l'Automobile" (Casterman, 1953). The first substantiated steam carriage for personal use was that of Josef Božek in 1815. He was followed by Thomas Blanchard of Massachusetts in 1825. Over thirty years passed before there was a flurry of steam cars from 1859 onwards with Dugeon, Roper and Spenser from the United States, Thomes Rickett, Austin, Catley and Ayres from England, and Innocenzo Manzetti from Italy being the earliest. Others followed with the first Canadian, Henry Taylor in 1867, Amédée Bollée and Louis Lejeune of France in 1878, and Rene Thury of Switzerland in 1879.
The story was variously interpreted in the Middle Ages. Odo of Cheriton‘s version does not demonstrate treachery but only foolish association; through trusting to the frog’s offer, both lose their lives when the kite swoops upon them. The moral ballade based on the story by Eustache Deschamps demonstrates “How gentle words are frequently deceptive”. The frog is escaping famine and accepts the frog’s offer to tow it across the river; the story then continues as "Ysoppe dit en son livre et raconte" (according to Aesop's account). Marie de France’s story is more circumstantial and concludes differently from most others. The mouse lives contentedly in a mill and offers hospitality to a passing frog. The frog then lures the mouse into crossing the stream on the pretense of showing her his home. While he is trying to drown his passenger, the pair are seized by the kite, who eats the frog first because it is fat. Meanwhile, the mouse struggles free of its bonds and survives.