Synonyms for radlk or Related words with radlk

puberula              sessiliflora              randia              lancifolia              steud              galpinii              spruceana              glabrescens              laxiflora              pedicellata              aubl              weinmannia              connata              hiern              poepp              allophylus              oliv              congesta              forssk              schefflera              bonpl              turcz              baill              hemsl              ciliatum              schlechteri              tarenna              lehmannii              preussii              decne              salisb              presl              phylica              glaziovii              sprucei              manettia              anomalum              dielsii              welw              brachylaena              warb              calcarata              canthium              laxum              grewia              griseb              desf              albiflora              subsessilis              calcicola             

Examples of "radlk"
Principal invasive non-native plants include Brazilian pepper ("Schinus terebinthifolius" Raddi), Australian pines ("Casuarina equisetifolia" L., "Casuarina glauca" Sieber ex Spreng.), and carrotwood ("Cupaniopsis anacardioides" (A. Rich.) Radlk.). All are Category I invasives, "...altering native plant communities by displacing native species, changing community structures or ecological functions..."
Allophylus decipiens (E.Mey.) Radlk. is a multi- or single stemmed, small, evergreen tree about 3-4 m in height occurring in coastal forest, fringe forest and thickets, and wooded ravines and streams. Found up to 800 m in the southern coastal regions of the Cape Province, KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland, along the escarpment forest of Mpumalanga, including Soutpansberg and in Mozambique. There are some 219 species in the genus of "Allophylus".