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Examples of "raggamuffin"
Raggamuffin Vol 2 is a New Zealand and Australian compilation album released to coincide with the upcoming Raggamuffin Music Festival in 2009. It contains two tracks from each of the nine artists appearing on the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 bill—featuring Ziggy Marley, Eddy Grant, Ali Campbell, Shaggy, Arrested Development, Inner Circle, Kora, Unity Pacific, & Three Houses Down.
Raggamuffin music, usually abbreviated as ragga, is a subgenre of dancehall and reggae music, in which the instrumentation primarily consists of electronic music. Similar to hip hop, sampling often serves a prominent role in raggamuffin music.
Raggamuffin Vol 1 is a New Zealand and Australian compilation album released to coincide with the Raggamuffin Music Festival in 2008. It was sold on the day in Australia, and is available throughout retailers in New Zealand and online.
Raggamuffin Music Festival (Raggamuffin) is an annual music festival that tours Australia and New Zealand which concluded its first tour in 2008. As of 2010, it has featured fourteen Major international reggae Acts and thirteen Australasian Acts accommodating reggae, funk, dub, hip-hop and soul.
The term "raggamuffin" is an intentional misspelling of "ragamuffin", a word that entered the Jamaican Patois lexicon after the British Empire colonized Jamaica in the 17th century. Despite the British colonialists' pejorative application of the term, Jamaican youth appropriated it as an ingroup designation. The term "raggamuffin music" describes the music of Jamaica's "ghetto dwellers".
Raggamuffin, usually abbreviated as ragga, is a subgenre of reggae that is closely related to dancehall and dub. The term raggamuffin is an intentional misspelling of ragamuffin, and the term "raggamuffin music" describes the music of Jamaica's "ghetto youths". The instrumentation primarily consists of electronic music. Sampling often serves a prominent role as well. As ragga matured, an increasing number of dancehall artists began to appropriate stylistic elements of hip hop music, while ragga music, in turn, influenced more and more hip hop artists. Ragga is now mainly used as a synonym for dancehall reggae or for describing dancehall with a deejay chatting rather than deejaying or singing on top of the riddim.
Jamal is a Polish raggamuffin, reggae and dancehall music group from Radom. At various times, it included members Gienia, Księżyc, LUU, EMZK and Siekierka.
South Beach annual Reggae Party Fremantle Western Australia started in 1998. Raggamuffin Music Festival is an annual reggae music festival that tours Australia and New Zealand.
Reggae influences appear on the third album "Pied Orange" (Orange foot) and a 4 tracks EP is recorded in 1993 with the raggamuffin artist Saï Saï.
Pablopavo (born 30 March 1978 as Paweł Sołtys) is a Polish reggae and raggamuffin vocalist, songwriter, and radio DJ. He has a radio show on called "Tramwaj z Pragi". Pablopavo is the lead singer of Warsaw-based reggae band Vavamuffin. He has also recorded with a side-project called Pablopavo i Ludziki. He is one of the first vocalists singing raggamuffin in Polish and specializes in long and complicated freestyle vocal parts.
Other events held at the Arena include the Home, Living and Leisure Show, Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show, Wedding Expo, Education in the Classroom conferences, Raggamuffin Roadtrip, Kolohe Kai and many many more...
"Raggamuffin" is a song performed by Belgian musician and songwriter Selah Sue from her self-titled debut album "Selah Sue". It was released on 7 June 2010 as a Digital download in Belgium and re-released on 22 October 2010.
Caron Liza Geary (born 15 October 1963 in Paddington, London), known by various stage names, is an English female raggamuffin toaster. She was the first white female reggae/dancehall MC.
For its characteristics, cumbia villera has been compared to gangsta rap, reggaeton, punk rock, tango, Argentine foklore, rock rolinga, protest song, raggamuffin, baile funk, outlaw country, and narcocorrido, among other music genres.
A powerful and perfect groove of punk, ska, reggae, raggamuffin attacks listener and he is carried into an album enriched by many collaborations (The Offenders, No Relax, Arpioni, Rude HI-FI).
Delgado reunited successfully with Pablo to record "Raggamuffin Year" in 1986, which embraced the new style of music emerging from Jamaica, with an album of the same name following.
The group was founded in 2003 as " Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv RotFront " by Ukrainians Yuriy Gurzhy, (also known as "Russian Disco" in Berlin), together with Wladimir Kaminer and Hungarian Simon Wahorn.
A music video to accompany the release of "Raggamuffin" was first released onto YouTube on 27 September 2010, at a total length of two minutes and thirty-seven seconds.
In 1996, Papa Dee covered the song on his album "The Journey". It was released only as a CD single and the bonus track is a mix of "Funky Raggamuffin"/"Let the Music Play".
Asher's first solo release was the single "Raggamuffin Darlin'" (Music of Life, 1990), which was followed by a single and album "Still Kickin" (Music of Life, 1991). Since then, however, he has disappeared from the spotlight, and finding out information about him since the arrival of his namesake on the scene is all the more difficult. A sample of the Asher D and Daddy Freddy song, "Raggamuffin Duo Take Charge", was used in The Prodigy song, "Take Me to the Hospital", from their 2009 album, "Invaders Must Die".