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Examples of "raguin"
Fontaines Héloise-et-Abélard, Square Héloise-et-Abélard, 22 rue Pierre Gourdault 1991, Thierry Laverne and Philippe Raguin, landscape architects.
Sébastien Raguin (born 14 February 1980 in Toulouse, France) is a rugby league player for the Catalans Dragons club in the European Super League competition. His usual position is .
The park is made up of three gardens designed by architects Bernard Huet, Madeleine Ferrand, Jean-Pierre Feugas, Bernard Leroy, and by landscapers Ian Le Caisne and Philippe Raguin between 1993 and 1997:
Locally, Raguin became the Women's épée champion at the 2014 Philippine National Games. During her college years, she represented the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers for five years from 2001 to 2005. She was named rookie of the year during the UAAP Season 65 after winning silver medals in both individual and team épée.
Raguin first caught the eye in 2005 playing for Toulouse Olympique during their famous run to the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup. He famously played for them semi-professionally whilst working during the week as a traffic warden in the city of Toulouse.
Kandil has been awarded the P.E.O International Peace Scholarship Award (2008 and 2005), and the Robert S. & Muriel A. Raguin Graduate Scholarship (2004-2005). Kandil has also been awarded the Artist in Residence Award by City of Victoria (2011), the 1-year UVic Graduate Student Fellowship (2009-2010), 3-year UVic Fellowship (2006-2009).
Harlene Orendain-Raguin (born June 14, 1983) is a multi-titled Filipina épée fencer. She won the individual épée silver medal at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games and was a member of the team that won the Silver Medal in the Team Épée. She was also an Individual Silver Medalist at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games and a member of the Bronze-winning Team at the 2011 Southeast Asian Games, 2007 Southeast Asian Games, and 2005 Southeast Asian Games .
The company was established in 2001 founded by six people: Ken Branson, James Kwak, John Raguin, and Marcus Ryu from Ariba (and McKinsey, where James and Marcus had met); and John Seybold and Mark Shaw from Kana Software. They are a recurring revenue software company as they sell term licenses. Its three main software products are ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter, each servicing a major component of a P&C insurance carrier. There are a number of add-on modules, as well as an increasing number of value-added online services provided via Guidewire Live.
Heir to the spirit of Matteo Ricci’s methods of evangelization in China in the 17th century, the Taipei Ricci Institute (TRI, Institut Ricci de Taipei) was established in 1966 by Father Yves Raguin, S.J. (1912-1998) and other Jesuits sinologists who were working on a multi-linguistic dictionary project launched around 1950 in Macau. Working on Chinese’s languages and religions, this institution revived the “Bureau d’Etudes Sinologiques” created in 1892 by the French Jesuits of Shanghai and its publication “Variétés Sinologiques”. The TRI still keeps the editorial direction of the Variétés sinologiques today.
In 1996, Benoît Vermander, S.J. succeeded to Yves Raguin, taking over the running of the TRI. Accrued interaction with mainland China led to a redefinition of the tasks of the Institute, now defined as follows: to carry on dialogue and reflection towards and within the Chinese world, in order to make China become positive and active partner of globalization, thanks to a reinterpretation of its cultural resources. “Cultural diversity”, “sustainable development” and “spiritual empowerment” are the three poles of development that the TRI constructs in confronting challenges and debates present in today’s China.
The landscaping of the new park was designed by architects Bernard Huet, Madeleine Ferrand, Jean-Pierre Feuges and landscape architects Ian la Caisne and Philippe Raguin. Their design created three separate gardens with different themes, connected by footbridges over the streets that divide them. The western park, near at the Palais Omnisports, called "Les Prairies", features broad lawns under trees; this part of the park is also used for informal sports, soccer skateboarding and rollerblading. The center park is called "Les Parterres", and is devoted to serious gardening. It includes an aromatic garden, a rose garden, and a vegetable garden where school groups come to learn about agriculture and gardening. The garden on the east is called "Le Jardin romantique", and it has a water theme; it includes a canal, fishponds, cascades, and a pool with water lilies.