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mogudu              kireedam              devudu              manikyam              rajasenan              poocha              mookkuthi              kapuram              sipayi              ithu              puthran              murattu              poochakkoru              kadha              njaan              iddaru              noottandu              geetham              njan              koduthen              njangalude              njanum              kizhakku              dongalu              swapnam              chesina              varavu              theerpu              samsaram              mounam              pattalam              swantham              koduku              thedi              koottam              sundaran              yamagola              pennum              kudumba              velai              iruvattam              meendum              kodalu              kilukkam              rahasyam              bharya              abhayam              tharam              kaaval              aadyathe             

Examples of "rajakumaran"
Rajakumaran (Prabhu) is the son of the village chief (Vijayakumar). Yuvaraj (Nassar) hates Rajakumaran and his village. Selvi (Meena) and Vaidehi (Nadhiya) are in love with their cousin Rajakumaran but he chooses Vaidehi. Selvi decides to sacrifice her love due to which her father Selvaraj (Captain Raju) refuses to give his property to village people as promised. To give away the property, his only request is that Rajakumaran get married to Selvi. Selvi convinces Rajakumaran to lie, he lies to her father and he gets the property. Later, Vaidehi commits suicide and Rajakumaran reveals his lie. One day, some goons decide to put a bomb and Rajakumaran saves the village. The village thinks that the culprit was Thangaraj (Thyagu) because he wanted to take revenge against Rajakumaran for his lie. Angry, Thangaraj insults Rajakumaran's father in public and Rajakumaran's father dies. Yuvaraj asks Selvaraj and Thangaraj permission to marry Selvi, and they accept. The village is against the marriage. A man (R. V. Udayakumar) comes and says that a deaf-mute girl, who learnt to read and to write, was the witness to Vaidehi's murder by Yuvaraj. On the day of the marriage, Yuvaraj cancels the marriage and decides to humiliate Selvi. Rajakumaran saves her and decides to marry her.
The film marked the directorial debut of Rajakumaran who earlier assisted director Vikraman.
Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari is a 2002 Malayalam film directed by Rajasenan and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran.
The film created a hype and sensation in media due to the marriage of Devayani and the film's director Rajakumaran.
Rajaratnam married Rajeswari Muttucumaru. They had three sons (Rajakumaran, Rajakanthan and Rajarengan) and two daughters (Shanthini and Vathani).
Rajakumaran is an Indian film director, who has made Tamil films. He is married to actress Devayani, who he has collaborated with in all his films.
In films such as Cheran Pandian, Rajakumaran and Murattukaalai, the conflict between the hero and the villain is portrayed through jallikattu, during which the owner whose bull loses shoots the bull.
Dilliwala Rajakumaran is a 1996 Malayalam film by Rajasenan starring Jayaram and Manju Warrier. The movie tells a fictional story about the Travancore Royal Family's famous Padiyettam ceremony (Royal adoption).
Ammakkorumma (1981) is an Indian film in the Malayalam language directed by Sreekumaran Thampi, starring Ratheesh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Zarina Wahab and Rajakumaran Thampi, Thampi's son. The Malayalam title literally means "A Kiss for Mother".
Rajakumaran married actress Devayani in April 2001 in a secret marriage at Thiruthani Murugan Temple. The pair had fallen in love during the production of his first two films .
Vinnukum Mannukum (English: For Space, For Land) is a 2001 Tamil language movie directed by Rajakumaran. It stars Vikram, Sarath Kumar, Devayani and Kushboo in the lead roles. It was commercially unsuccessful.
Nishad debuted as a playback singer in 2002 with the song "Manassukal Thammil [Puthooram] ..." in Rajasenan's Malayalam film Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari under music director Benny Kannan. It was followed by 'Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam'.
Irattimadhuram is a 1982 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Sreekumaran Thampi. The film stars Prem Nazir, Krishnachandran, K. R. Vijaya and Master Rajakumaran Thampi in lead roles. The film had musical score by Shyam.
He next chose to direct and produce a film titled "Kadhaludan" (2003) with Murali in the lead role. The film won mixed reviews with a critic from Sify noting "the plot is idiotic, as director Rajakumaran has tried to rehash his earlier film "Nee Varuvai Ena"" and described the film as tedious. Another review from The Hindu described the film as a neat family drama, adding that : "The screenplay is hampered mainly by lengthy, meandering dialogue that proves tiresome". The failure of the films, prompted Rajakumaran to take a sabbatical from film making and briefly worked as a film distributor. Along with his wife, they then launch another production "Thirumathi Thamizh" in February 2008, with Rajakumaran playing the lead role and Devayani starring opposite him. The film, after much delay, released to negative reviews in April 2013.
Rajakumaran, an assistant to director Vikraman, made his debut with "Nee Varuvai Ena", a romance story produced by R. B. Choudary. The film featuring Parthiban and Devayani in the lead roles won positive reviews and commercial success, being described as "a film definitely worth watching" by a critic from, who cites that "it is bound to touch your heart and make you wonder about the power of love". A reviewer from the Indian Express wrote "The plot is almost always predictable, and at times, even degenerates into blatant stupidity. But the director presents all this with such a straight face, that you find yourself lapping it all up". The film went on to win the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Storywriter for Rajakumaran. He then briefly began and shelved a film titled "Aanavam" which was to feature Sathyaraj, Kushboo and Roja. After the success of his first film, Rajakumaran was given another chance by R. B. Choudary to make a film under his banner. The project was titled as "Vinnukkum Mannukkum" with an ensemble cast featuring Vikram, Devayani, Sarathkumar and Kushboo. During the making of the film, Vikram mentioned his displeasure at being a part of the film, claiming that he had arguments with the director for every single shot and that "everything in that film, right from the first shot was wrong. Furthermore, Rajakumaran failed to utilize the call sheets of Sarathkumar and this caused some delay in finishing off the shootings, taking over a year to complete. The film received mixed reviews and became a box office failure, with a critic from The Hindu noting "director Rajakumaran has taken special care in the choice of songs and locations to make the film entertaining. He should have paid more attention to the first half and more important, must have extracted more work from Vikram, who has the potential, and Devayani, for whom it is a cakewalk".
The story of the film borrows some subplots from the Malayalam film "Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran" (1990). The film is one of the earliest examples of black humour in Tamil cinema. "Gopura Vasalile" was well received at the box office and ran for more than 100 days at many theatres in Tamil Nadu.
Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran is a 1990 Malayalam film directed by Kamal and written by Sreenivasan. This film stars Sreenivasan, Rekha, Siddique, Kottayam Santha, Jagadish and Maniyanpilla Raju. Jayaram appears in an extended guest role in the film which was a huge hit at the box office. The sub-plots of the movie was used in the 1991 Tamil movie "Gopura Vasalile".
Kadugu ("Mustard") is a 2017 Tamil drama film written, produced and directed by Vijay Milton. The film features an ensemble cast of Bharath, Rajakumaran, Bharath Seeni, Subiksha and A. Venkatesh in the lead roles. Distributed by actor Suriya, the film had a theatrical release on 24 March 2017 and won positive reviews from critics.
K K Nishad born 26 March 1978 is an Indian playback singer from Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He started his career as a playback singer in the Malayalam movie "Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari" in 2001.He is an artist witha B high in All india radio.
Likewise, he played a supporting comedy role, featuring in the train sequence as an Anglo-Indian friend of the character played by Rajakumaran. Siddharth was appreciated for his acting as well, with Indiaglitz saying "The train sequence that features Siddharth Vipin and team can be considered as one of the best sequences in the movie"