Synonyms for rakkauden or Related words with rakkauden

parhaat              suosikkia              nainen              kaikki              rakkaus              lauluja              maailman              taivaan              enkeli              laulut              levoton              kaunis              lapset              palaa              laulu              rakkaudesta              taivas              kaikkien              poika              maailmaa              morsian              sinua              mustaa              kaksi              miehen              runoja              joulun              pieni              ihminen              kulkurin              laulaa              rakkautta              ihmisen              kyyneleet              joulu              vuodet              aikojen              kanssa              ihana              laulun              paljon              toinen              viimeinen              jumala              maailma              kerran              kunnia              rannalla              kuin              sinulle             

Examples of "rakkauden"
"Anna minulle, sinun palvelijallesi, sielun puhtauden, nöyryyden, kärsivällisyyden ja rakkauden henki."
Juice Leskinen's most famous songs include "Viidestoista yö" (Fifteenth Night), "Musta aurinko nousee", "Marilyn", "Rakkauden ammattilainen" (Professional of Love) and "Norjalainen villapaita" (Norwegian cardigan).
Tehosekoitin released also "Varoittava esimerkki"(1998), "Freak Out"(1999), Rock 'n' Roll Monster Movie Show"(2000), "Rakkauden Gangsterit"(2001) and "Golden Greats"(2002).
Tervomaa's biggest hits include "Suljettu sydän" (1998), "Yhtä en saa" (1999), "Rakkauden haudalla" (Helmiä ja sikoja soundtrack, 2003), "Myöhemmin" (2004) and "Se ei kuulu mulle" (2004).
Cross of Love (Finnish: Rakkauden risti) is a 1946 Finnish drama film directed by Teuvo Tulio and starring Regina Linnanheimo, Oscar Tengström and Ville Salminen.
Sonja Lumme (born 6 October 1961 in Kristinestad) is a singer in Finland who represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in which she sang Eläköön elämä. She got 58 points and came 9th place overall. Lumme made further attempts to represent Finland, participating in the 1988 Finnish final and in 1989, she came fifth with "Rakkauden Laulut". Her final attempt was in 1992 with the song "Rakkauden bulevardi" which came third.
The House of Branching Love () is a 2009 Finnish comedy-drama film directed by Mika Kaurismäki. It is based on the novel "Haarautuvan rakkauden talo" by Petri Karra. The film is about a married couple going through a divorce.
Brita Koivunen (married name: Brita Koivunen-Einiö; 31 August 1931 – 12 April 2014) was a Finnish schlager singer. Some of her most famous songs include "Suklaasydän", "Sävel rakkauden" and "Mamma, tuo mies minua tuijottaa", a Finnish version of "Ma! (He's Making Eyes at Me)", all from the 1950s.
A. A. B. Tuotanto released records in 1982-1984. During this time the company released approximately 30 albums by the same Johanna-artists as before. The last release by A. A. B. Tuotanto under the Johanna-label was "Rakkauden kiertokulku" (JHN 3039) by Rauli Badding Somerjoki.
Regina Linnanheimo was one of the stars of the so-called golden era of Finnish movies. She specialized in romantic and historical costume films and melodramas, such as "Kulkurin valssi" (1941) and "Katariina ja Munkkiniemen kreivi" (1943). On the other hand, Linnanheimo showcased her tendencies for darker undertones in several Teuvo Tulio films. The two collaborated frequently, with Linnanheimo often serving both as an actress and a screenwriter. In 1946, she received a Jussi Award for Tulio films "Levoton veri" and "Rakkauden risti". "Olet mennyt minun vereeni" (1956) was their last film together and also the final film of Linnanheimo's career.
Sensuela is a 1973 Finnish drama film directed and written by Teuvo Tulio. The film is based on Tulio's 1946 film "Rakkauden risti" which itself was based on "The Stationmaster", a short story written by Alexander Pushkin. "Sensuela" was Tulio's final film, and it was met with harsh criticism. Since its release, it has gained a reputation as a campy cult classic and has been called "the weirdest Finnish film ever made". Although the production was finished in 1972, it was not released until a year later and then opened only in selected theatres.
The following year she tried again and became Tango Queen at the age of 40. In 1992 she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest selection programme with Rexi (real name Raimo Kero) with Rexi's own composition Ruskaa näin sinun silmissäs. There was strong competition from Arja Koriseva with Huomiseen and Sonja Lumme with Rakkauden bulevardi, but the song eventually chosen was the weak Yamma-yamma by Pave Maijanen, which came 23rd in the Eurovision itself. The winner was Linda Martin with Why Me?, composed by previous winner Johnny Logan under the name Séan Sherrard. (source:Latva & Tuunainen, pp 346, 368; Murtomäki, p 169)
Carola's popularity in Finland peaked with her interpretations of the songs "Hunajainen", "Kielletyt leikit", "Agua de Beber", "Rakkauden jälkeen", "Jerusalem", "Mä lähden stadiin", and the traditional Finnish song "Herrojen kanssa pellon laidassa". She also covered 3 winning songs from the Eurovision Song Contest ("La, la, la" 1968, "Un banc, un arbre, une rue" 1971, "Après Toi" 1972). In 1969, Carola tried out rhythm & blues, recording a television video of Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools". The tongue-in-cheek choreography by Heikki Värtsi included girl group dancing and Carola whipping a man in a cave. Her rhythm & blues covers continued with the television videos of Elaine Brown's "Seize the Time" and "The End of Silence" (in Finnish as "Sanaton hiljaisuus").
"Crazy Love" has proven to be a classic cover song over the years and has been performed by many popular artists. Brian Kennedy's, Aaron Neville and Robbie Robertson's versions were featured in movies. Helen Reddy scored her first Adult Contemporary Billboard Top 10 hit with her cover version. Some of the other artists who have recorded the song are Brian McKnight, Paul Carrack, Rita Coolidge, Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart, Jason Manns with Jensen Ackles, and Cassandra Wilson on Van Morrison's 1994 tribute album, "". Helena Vondráčková recorded the Czech rendering "To se ti pouze zda" in 1972. recorded the Finnish rendering "Rakkauden Sain" for his 1977 album "Kaksi Poulta". Croatian singer Josipa Lisac released a Croatian version of the song on her 1979 album, "Made in USA", titled "Život s njim" (Croatian for "Life with him") and also covered an original English version. In 1995, Emilíana Torrini recorded the song for her first and Iceland only album "Crouçie d'Où Là". Michael Bublé covered the song and titled his 2009 album "Crazy Love". Michael Bolton covers "Crazy Love" on his 2009 album, "One World One Love". A cappella versions include Overboard's rendition on their 2008 album, "Castaways". American Idol season 3 finalist Jon Peter Lewis included his version on his 2010 EP "Jon Peter Lewis". Cara Dillon's live performance of "Crazy Love" was featured on the Jools Holland show in April 2010. In 2013, Contemporary Christian artist The Katinas covered the song in their album "Love Chapter".