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2003 - Kanneeridhu Raktha Kanneeridhu from "Raktha Kanneeru" (Kannada)
'Ada Nivedyam' and 'Raktha Chandana samarppanam' are the main offerings often done to cure diseases.
Raktha sakshi mandapam, in memory of those who shed blood in kallara pangodu revolution is situated in the town.
The Chamundi Devi form in the main sanctum is considered as in a calm state, whereas Raktha Chamundi is considered as fierce, but helps devotees to fulfill their wishes. It is believed that if offerings and prayers are given to Raktha Chamundi Devi, she will remove obstacles and problems caused by enemies, cure chronic ailments, and so on.
"Rakt Sambandh" was based on the Telugu serial "Raktha Sambandham". The original serial was aired on 2009 in Gemini TV, starring Murali Mohan, Yamuna, Mounica and others.
Mounica has received a lot of lead opportunities in television, including roles in Laya, Raktha Sambandham, Kunkuma Rekha, Arundhathi, Janaki Weds Raghuram, etc.
"retha aunali" or "kannadi viriyan" (கண்ணாடி விரியன்) in Tamil; కాటుక రేకుల పాము ("katuka rekula paamu") or రక్తపింజర ("raktha penjara/penjari") in Telugu; and "pili kandhodi" in Tulu.
The Soundtrack of "Raktha Kanneeru" was one of the best selling albums of the year. Upon its audio release, a record number of audio cassettes were sold.
"Pathinonnu European Nadukalyil", "Rathnam Vilayunna Nattil", "Kattilum Malayilum Koode Oru Yathra", "Raktha Nakshthrangalude Nattil", "Singapore Yathra Chitrangal", "African Poorvadesangalil", "Manassiloode Oru Madakka Yathra"
28. Raktha Kasaram (Pool of Blood) : Raktha Kasaram was serialized in Vijaya Viharam (monthly). This novel deals with the contemporary problem of Naxalism in Telangana. It depicts the sociology-economic reasons for the spread of this movement and how innocent lives are lost in the war between the police and the Naxalites. This novel created a big stir in literary circles when it was published in the form of a book in March 2006.
Vedic experts have confirmed the extremely rare divine presence of “Sri Chakra” on this deity. Consequently, “Raktha-pushpanjali” is a special offering here which is unavailable in Vishnu temples elsewhere.
Daivathinte Thoppi (2015 Daivathinte Thoppi Current Books Thrissur) Poonaranga (2015 Mathrubhumi Books) Raktha Thabala (2017 Current Books Thrissur). He also received the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy for his play "Sankadal" in 1996.
Raktha Sakshi is a 1982 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P Chandrakumar and produced by TK Balachandran. The film stars Prem Nazir, Jose Prakash, Menaka and MG Soman in lead roles. The film had musical score by A. T. Ummer.
Karthik has sung Kannada songs and has many super hit chart buster songs to his credit like Ale Ale, Anuraaga Aralo Samaya, Thangaliyalli Theli Hode, Nee Chummu Chummu Munjaaneli, Manasaithu Ninna Myaale, Sum Sumne Yaako, Hosadondu hesaridu Nanange, Kanne Koodiruvaaga, Madhumasa, Nenapidu Nenapidu, Thanthaane Thannamthaane, Baruve Odi Odi Nalidu, Raktha Sambandhagala, Saluge Saluge, Mannige Mara Bhaarave and many more.
The film was an adaptation of stage play of same name which also starred MR Radha. The film was released on 6 November 1954 and it became a greatest hit in M. R. Radha's career. It was later remade as "Raktha Kanneeru" in 2003 in Kannada language starring Upendra and Ramya Krishna in the lead roles.
Katari Veera Surasundarangi is a 2012 3D Kannada Romantic fantasy film starring Upendra and Ramya in the lead roles. The film is a sequel to Upendra's 2003 film "Raktha Kanneeru". Veteran actor Ambarish also plays a vital role. The film is directed by Suresh Krishna and produced by Munirathna. It is the first full-length 3D film in Kannada cinema.
Thaimel Aanai (தாய்மேல் ஆணை) is a 1988 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by L.Raja, starring Arjun Sarja and Raghuvaran in lead roles. The film was remade in Hindi as "Pratikar" and in Telugu as "Raktha Tilakam". The film was released on 13 April 1988.
One of his most popular stages roles was as Raktakanneru Nagabhushanam in "Raktha Kanneeru", which he also produced. He acted along with Vemavarapu Gowtham Kumar. Nagabushanam gave more than 2,000 performances of the drama. Along with Vemavarapu Gowtham Kumar (Present Deputy M.R.O. of Gudivada) gave more than 100 stage shows in Hyderabad.
It was announced in August 2013 that the film would be directed by Sadhu Kokila, after speculations that Ramesh Aravind and Loki would be directing it. Kokila had directed Upendra previously in "Raktha Kanneeru" (2003) and "Anatharu" (2007), both of which saw success at the box-office.
Evoor Bhagavan’s Deity is the unique "Prayoga Chakra Prathishta". The idol of Sri Krishna is in the four armed Vishu form with Panchajanya Shankha, Sudarshana Chakra and butter in three hands and the fourth arm held on hip. The deity is furious form and "Raktha-pushpanjali" is a special offering here which is unavailable in Vishnu temples elsewhere.