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The surrounding nearby villages and its distance from Ponugondla are Rajakkapally, Madathapalli, Kothapalligori, Chinnakodepaka, Sulthanpur, Chennapoor, Jaggaiahpet, Regonda, Kanaparthy, Kodavatancha, Dammannapet, Konaraopet, Lingala, Narayanapur, Pochampalli, Ramannagudem, Repaka, Tirumalagiri, Bhagirthipeta, Damaranchapally, Gudepalle, Nizampalli, Ranagaiahpalli, Repaka Palli, Roopireddi Palli, and Royapalli
Vijayashanti was born in Madras, Madras State on 24 June 1965 to Varalaxmi and Srinivas Prasad, who migrated to Madras from Ramannagudem in Warangal district, Telangana. She has said that she prefers to think of herself as being from Telangana rather than Madras, although as of 2004 she had never visited her parents' village. She completed her 10th class at Holy Angels High School, Madras, before starting her film career.