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mahalapye              korogwe              vungu              tutume              mutoko              selibe              ruiru              molepolole              mkushi              nsuta              mkoba              runyenjes              elburgon              ngara              londiani              serowe              francistown              isoka              gumare              solwezi              palapye              hurungwe              majengo              thamaga              mumbwa              kahawa              nyando              mwingi              githunguri              kaloleni              kathiani              anyinam              adjumani              jwaneng              chipinge              malaba              makongeni              laisamis              marondera              kilosa              asikuma              juja              zvishavane              ibanda              lobatse              gabane              masunga              atwima              ngomeni              nkangala             

Examples of "ramotswa"
"South East Football for Hope Centre" located in Ramotswa, Botswana
The sub-districts of South-East District created as a part of National Development Park of the district are Ramotswa and Tlokweng.
Ramotswa is a village in South-East District of Botswana, southwest of the capital of Gaborone. The population was 27,760 in 2011 census.
The A11 is a road to the South African border at Ramotswa. It is used to bypass Gaborone in reaching the Botswana-South Africa border.
The Notwane rises about south of Ramotswa, and runs along the border in a northeast direction to enter the Limpopo at the same longitude as Mahalapye.
This village is originally home to BaMalete tribe. Kgosi Mosadi Seboko is the paramount chief and is stationed at Ramotswa, the capital of Balete. The elder population is still very much into agriculture while the younger generations are more urbanized.
They lived at Lengwana Village, and they eventually re-settled at Mankgopi near Ramotswa in Botswana. On their departure from Mankgopi they settled at Melorane which is now the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.
They are the only one of eight major tribes that do not belong to the related Tswana people. They still have a traditional Paramount Chief, or "Kgôsikgolo". Balete are settled in Southern Botswana villages that include Ramotswa, Gabane, Otse and Mogobane.
Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Ramotswa is the first woman to serve as a paramount chief in Botswana. Seboko took on her role as a village leader and representative to the House of Chiefs after her brother Kgosi Seboko II died in 2000. Her presence in the house of chiefs was hailed as a victory for women's rights in southern Africa.
Otse is a village in South-East District of Botswana. It is located 60 km south of Gaborone, along the Gaborone–Lobatse road and close to the border with South Africa. This village is home to the Balete people who are related to those in Ramotswa, Gabane and Mogobane. The population was 7,636 in 2011 census.
Mogobane is a village in South-East District of Botswana. It is located 55 km south of Gaborone and 40 km east of Kanye. The village is designed along Mogobane dam. Mogobane is home to the Balete people who are related to those in Ramotswa, Gabane and Otse and the population was 2,053 in 2001 census.
In March 2009, Thobega was involved in a car accident while driving back to Lobatse from a music concert in Molapowabojang. Following the incident, he spent almost three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of Princes Marina Hospital in Lobatse. He died of his injuries on 28 March 2009 and was buried in Ramotswa on 4 April 2009.
Gaborone is surrounded by the following cities: Ramotswa to the southeast, Mogoditshane to the northwest, and Mochudi to the east, and Tlokweng across the river. Most of them are commuter towns for Gaborone. Suburbs in Gaborone include Broadhurst, Gaborone West, The Village, Naledi, and New Canada. Phakalane, an affluent suburb, lies about 25 km north of the city limits.
South-East is one of the districts of Botswana. The capital city of Botswana, Gaborone, is surrounded by this district. The administrative capital for the South-East district is the village of Ramotswa. In the southeast, South-East borders the North West Province of South Africa. Domestically, it borders Kgatleng in northeast, Kweneng in northwest, Southern in southwest.
Thobega started his career in the Botswana lower leagues before transferring to Mogoditshane Fighters in 1998. He was a patron of the Test For Life campaign. On 28 March 2009, Thobega died three weeks after being involved in a car accident near Lobatse. He was buried in his home village of Ramotswa on 4 April 2009.
Baard (also referred to as "Frances Maswabi (or Masuabi)") was born Frances Maswabi (or Masuabi), in Green Point, Beaconsfield, Kimberley, on 1 October 1909 (other sources suggest 1901). Her father was Herman Maswabi from Ramotswa in Botswana, who had gone to Kimberley to work on the mines, while her mother, Sarah Voss, was a Tswana person from Kimberley. She married Lucas Baard in Port Elizabeth in 1942, having known him from school days in Kimberley.
There are also a number of business people of Middle eastern and Indian origin who have become Batswana while living as their own small tight communities. Along with Ramotswa this was one of the first places that Indian residents settled in the 1880s. Prominent businessman and former member of parliament, Satar Dada has roots in Moshupa's Indian community (historically referred to as "Arabs" for various reasons including their Muslim faith).
Mosadi Seboko was born on 7 June 1950 in Ramotswa, south of Gaborone. Her name "Mosadi" literally means "woman" in Setswana, and she was given the English name "Muriel". Her father, Mokgosi II, expected a boy to be his oldest child, but upon seeing his daughter, he said, "Well, it's a woman. What can I do? It's my child." In 1969, she graduated from Moeding College. Two years later, she became the department administrator at Barclay's Bank. She ended her six-year marriage with her abusive husband in 1978.
From Ramatlabama the border turns northwards, and is made up of a series of straight lines through beacons at Matlhase, Sebataole, Schaapkuil and Pytlanganyane to Sengoma on the Ngotwane River. It then follows the Ngotwane past Ramotswa to its confluence with the Metsemaswaane Stream. The border turns eastwards along a series of straight lines joining beacons on the Moshweu Hills, Wildebeeskop and the Sikwane Hills to Derdepoort on the Marico River. It then follows the Marico River to its confluence with the Crocodile River. The Marico and the Crocodile join to form the Limpopo River, and the border runs along the Limpopo to its confluence with the Shashe River, which is the tripoint with Zimbabwe.