Synonyms for ranadip or Related words with ranadip

tarsod              baraate              pakkya              tarvinder              sreevaru              oxenboll              ouaouizeght              nimbicolor              betzo              dandiram              sarahconnor              karanjikar              mordiya              shastriindira              myamya              palgunari              gurubar              bretagnequimper              kudappanakkunnu              jonghjean              vaquedano              flhkvhylv              pudorella              watergiyse              ghamandee              ricardoarjona              sidhana              varavendum              hridyesh              vadbhag              thenney              erstausgaben              btegafurh              rangarattinam              gaunspur              guolinsun              cynasorb              vellainayaka              vajih              adayein              bauntech              syyf              tohokuni              taghjijt              xieae              qxiia              breasy              cabezabellosa              vaseur              chandhuni             

Examples of "ranadip"
Maharaja Sir Ranodip Singh Kunwar (alternatively spelled Ranaudip or Ranadip), KCSI (3 April 1825 – 22 November 1885), was the second Prime Minister of Nepal from the Rana dynasty.
Shyamal Sen (Tota Roychowdhury) is GM sales for an MNC and is competing for the Vice President post of his company alongside Ranadip aka Runu Sanyal (Saswata Chatterjee). Shyamal hails from a middle-class family in Sonarpur where he has grown up with his elder brother (Kaushik Ganguly). He is now married to Charu(Joya Ahsan). Shyamal has always been jealous of his elder brother because he felt that his elder brother got all the attention in the family and was more intelligent among the siblings. He burned off his brother's certificates in a fit of rage as a child. This is shown in the film's opening credits.
Abhiman Singh Basnyat,born on 14 Falgun 1801 B.S., the third son of Senapati Badabir Shivaram Singh Basnyat became the second Commander in Chief of a United Nepal. Abhiman's two elder brothers were Kazi Naahar Singh and Kazi Kehar Singh. His youngest brother Kazi Dhokal Singh Basnyat, who also became the governor of Kumaun Gadwal, was the first owner of present Narayanhity Palace area known as Kirti Mandir at that time. Stone inscription about this is still there inside Narayanhity Palace compound. Abhiman Singh died at the age of fifty-six in Ashad 1857 B.S. when he was sent to settle the area of Morang and Sunsari,then called Kaala Banzaar. He had delivered the jamindari power to tharu and honored with the title of chaudhari. It was a great injustice to him to have been assigned by King Rana Rahadur Shah to this area of dense forests at that old age when he was already a Mulkazi. It was because of Abhiman's displeasure about the marriage of Rana Bahadur with the child Brahmin widow Kantivati. He was reported to have suffered from fever, possibly Malaria and died of it. Despite the Basnyat family's immense contribution to Nepal's Unification, nobody from Basnyat family was declared Rastriya Bibhuti (National Hero).We cannot undermine the sacrifice made by the brave Basnyat family of six members at that time namely Shivram, Shoor Prabha, Naahar, Kehar,Abhiman and Dhaukal in the unification campaign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. There were other Basnyats of Shreepali origin such as Ranya (Bangya) Basnyat, Jitman, Bir Dhwaj Basnyat, Indra Bir, Banka Bir, Ranadip Singh, Rana Dhir Singh, Jahar Singh, Kirti Man Singh, Bakhtabar Singh, Bakhat Singh, Kul Man Singh, Prasad Singh etc. who fought or sacrificed their life in various battles and wars for the protection of Nepal's sovereignty in the later periods of Nepalese history. Researchers are suggested to read the book jointly written by late Lt. Col. Hanuman Singh Basnyat and late Purna Man Singh Basnyat entitled "Shreepali Basnyat-Parichaya, Published in 2058 BS for details.