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Examples of "ranconis"
In 1378, at the funeral of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, Albertus Ranconis declared the emperor pater patriae of the Kingdom of Bohemia.
Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio () (circa 1320 – August 15, 1388) was a Czech theologian and philosopher. In 1355 he was appointed a rector of the University of Paris. He wrote the "Tractatus de communione", a treatise on confession and the offering of the eucharist by laymen. He is also known for introducing the ideas of John Wycliff to Bohemia.
Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire during the reign of Charles IV. The name of the royal founder and patron remains on many monuments and institutions, for example Charles University, Charles Bridge, Charles Square. High Gothic Prague Castle and part of the cathedral of Saint Vitus by Peter Parler were also built under his patronage. Finally, the first flowering of manuscript painting in Prague dates from Charles' reign. In the present Czech Republic, he is still regarded as "Pater Patriae" (father of the country or "otec vlasti"), a title first coined by Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio at his funeral.
Henry graduated M.A. at the University of Prague in 1355. He was then rector of a school in Erfurt, and returned to Prague in 1366. In the course of a long-running dispute, Adalbert Ranconis accused him of heresy in 1369–70. He began teaching at the University of Paris in 1377. For reasons connected with the Western Schism, he left Paris in 1381; he then taught at Prague, 1381 to 1381, lecturing there on the Psalms and Gospel of John. He was at the University of Vienna 1384? to 1390; he drew up the statutes there in 1389, with Henry of Langenstein.