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wakeskating              motorcross              snowboarders              freeride              waterskiing              monoski              wakeboarding              longboarding              ptpush              splitboards              longboard              raisejumping              kiteboarding              snowboards              snowboarding              waterski              wakesurfing              splitboard              snowboarder              motocross              sailboarding              bodyboarding              motorcycling              crampons              sledding              piste              sandboarding              skijoring              wakeboard              breakboard              bobsledding              kneeboard              waterskis              splitboarding              snocross              kneeboarding              rollerblading              fxdxt              rollerblades              kitesurfing              wakeboarder              functionspush              freeriding              snowshoes              skydiving              wakeboards              skateboarder              snowkiting              skiier              horseriding             

Examples of "randonee"
Segarra has a degree in Physiotherapy. She became interested in mountain sports at age 15 when taking a spelunking course; she also enjoys randonee skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing.
Also known as randonee, an alpine touring binding allows the heel to be clipped down to the ski when skiing downhill, but allows it to be released when climbing.
The most recent Paris-Brest-Paris was held in 2015 between August 16 to August 20. In order to qualify for the event a randonneur needed to do a super randonee series of brevets () in the qualifying year i.e. by July 2015.
Various running and cycling events are held along the route; including the British Heart Foundation's annual Randonee. Part or all of the 100 miles is cycled to raise funds for heart disease, the fastest times are sub 8 hours with most riders taking under 14 hours.
Audax UK or AUK is a British cycling club that oversees randonneuring (long-distance cycling) in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1976 to help British riders complete the qualifying rides for entry to the Paris-Brest-Paris randonee. Audax UK is recognised by Audax Club Parisien as the official brevet-coordinating organization for the United Kingdom. Audax UK members sometimes informally describe themselves as AUKs.