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dionigi              landolfo              lambertini              taparelli              crescenzio              gianfrancesco              serafino              foscarini              frugoni              consalvi              tagliavia              decio              gianbattista              uberto              federigo              panfili              innocenzo              gianantonio              niccola              angiolo              piovene              igino              emmanuele              marescotti              ulderico              lelio              baronio              fagiolo              gradenigo              teobaldo              pecori              seniore              giovannelli              iacopo              gambara              fulgenzio              publio              alliata              bonifazio              capizucchi              spartaco              niccolo              sirleto              gritti              giustino              madruzzo              archinto              vanini              vignoli              coriolano             

Examples of "raniero"
Raniero and Renzo are two friends who have been travelling together for two years, having adventures, fighting duels and womanizing. Raniero is the son of a Duke, and the elder Renzo his Don Juan-type mentor.
Raniero Marescotti - elected cardinal by Pope Lucius II December 18, 1144.
Studi in onore di Raniero Gnoli nel suo 70o compleanno. Roma 2001
The Papal Preacher, Rev. Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, has written on the topic numerous times since 1986.
He painted the portrait of Cardinal Raniero elevated by Pope Lucius II.
Raniero Vanni d'Archirafi (born 7 June 1931) is a former Italian diplomat.
Raniero Nicolai (October 5, 1893 – April 2, 1958) was an Italian poet.
Other variants of the name include Dutch "Reinier", French "Rainier", Spanish and Italian "Raniero".
The Count Raniero Gnoli (born January 20, 1930 in Rome) is an Orientalist, historian of religion and Indologist Italian.
In a papal bull of August 9, 1805 Pope Pius VII created the title of Prince of Musone for Count Don Raniero Simonetti from Ancona and his descendants. From this branch was also Cardinal Raniero Simonetti, governor of Rome in the 18th century.
Raniero Capocci, also known as Ranieri, Rainerio da Viterbo ( 1180-1190 – 27 May 1250) was an Italian cardinal and military leader, a fierce adversary of emperor Frederick II.
Raniero Gnoli is the brother of Gherardo Gnoli who has since 1996 been the president of the Italian Institute for Africa and the East (IsIAO).
According to Raniero Cantalamessa OFMCap, patristic interpretation of the paschal mystery in its major facets and constituent dimensions may be summarised in four points:
Raniero Panzieri (1921 – Turin, 9 October 1964) was an Italian politician, writer and Marxist theoretician, considered as the founder of operaismo.
The current Apostolic Preacher, Capuchin Friar Father Raniero Cantalamessa often presides over the homilies in the chapel and the chapel was occasionally used by Pope Benedict XVI.
Contessina's parents were Alessandro di Sozzo Bardi, count of Vernio, and Cammilla Pannochieschi, daughter of Raniero di Guido Pannochieschi, count of Elci.
Arkeon is an Italian personal growth movement founded by Vito Carlo Moccia. It gained some international popularity for alleged links with the Preacher to the Papal Household, Franciscan Capuchin Raniero Cantalamessa.
After his contacts with Arkeon were exposed, Rev. Father Raniero Cantalamessa, in an interview, said that "he had not participated to any meeting", but also called the media campaign on Arkeon a "witch-hunt".
Pupil of Giuseppe Tucci and Mario Praz, Raniero Gnoli was a Professor of Indology at the University of Rome La Sapienza 1964 to 2000, as well as dean of the "School of Oriental Studies" in the same university.
The full list of works by Raniero Gnoli was published in a collection of studies in his honor: The words and marbles (byRaffaele Torella ). Rome, IsIAO, 2001, pp. XVII-XX.