Synonyms for ranuva or Related words with ranuva

kalavaari              sammaanam              bandhavya              thiramai              aathora              uyarthezhunelpu              vitharunna              penpuli              paulettante              murugane              adhyaapika              munpu              pasivadi              irumanam              dukkher              muthukkal              tantunanena              chanthayil              aalippazhangal              kannudayaal              mahathyam              marumagale              preetisi              ooruthan              mindatha              noorondu              aadhikkam              marannupoya              thayai              snehasindooram              saagaram              bhagyavantha              swargakke              kalyanikku              thabalkaran              ningalil              manchalil              aparaajitha              gavayi              chalikkunna              chukkalanti              veettin              yamangal              hennina              prathigna              premikkunnu              thenthulli              vegumathi              kavikkuyil              orkkapurathu             

Examples of "ranuva"
Ranuva Veeran is a 1981 Tamil film directed by SP. Muthuraman, starring Rajinikanth and Sridevi in the lead roles. Chiranjeevi played the main antagonist. The movie was a Super Hit at the box office. It was dubbed into Telugu as "Bandipotu Simham" and released on 21 May 1982.
Chiranjeevi started his film career with "Punadhirallu". However, his first released film was "Pranam Khareedu". "Mana Voori Pandavulu", directed by Bapu, gave Chiranjeevi recognition from the Indian audience. He played a small role in "Tayaramma Bangarayya". He also played the anti-hero in films "I Love You" and K. Balachander's "Idi Katha Kaadu", starring Kamal Haasan. In a remake of the Tamil film "Avargal", Chiranjeevi portrayed the character played by Rajinikanth in the original. In 1979, Chiranjeevi had eight major film releases and then 14 films in the following year. He played lead antagonist in works such as "Mosagadu", "Rani Kasula Rangamma", "47 Natkal" /"47 Rojulu", "Nyayam Kavali", and "Ranuva Veeran".
RMV later started his own production house and the banner’s debut movie titled “Deiva Thai,” with MGR in the lead role, was released in 1964. Director K Balachander made his debut into the Tamil film industry by writing the dialogues for this movie. Following that, MGR and RMV appeared together in many movies under this banner, such as “Naan Anayittal”, “Kaavalkaran”, ‘Kannan En Kadhalan” and “Idhaya Kani”. “Rickshawkaran”, produced by Sathya Movies, helped MGR achieve the National award for his performance. In addition to this, the production house made films including Kadhal Parisu, Kakki Chattai, Ranuva Veeran, Moondru Mugam, Thanga magan, Oor Kavalan, Panakaran, Baasha, Mandhira Punnagai, and Puthiya Vaanam. Among his movies, Basha, was remarkable and set box office records in all major South Indian languages.
On the sets of "Annamalai" (1992), Rajinikanth and Suresh Krissna discussed the scene, which Krissna also found to be interesting. The title of the film, "Baashha", was suggested by Rajinikanth to Krissna, who suggested to Rajinikanth that a Muslim connection to the script was needed. Krissna brought up the subject again to Rajinikanth during the making of "Veera" (1994), but Rajinikanth wanted to discuss the script only after completing "Veera". The discarded scene became the foundation for "Baashha" where Rajinikanth's character in the film, Manikkam, helps his sister get admission in the medical college she had applied for. Krissna planned to weave the rest of the film's story around the scene. Though Manikkam was initially considered to be written as a bus conductor, the "auto driver was the commonest man around. And Rajini liked the idea." R. M. Veerappan, who had earlier collaborated with Rajinikanth in "Ranuva Veeran" (1981), "Moondru Mugam" (1982), "Thanga Magan" (1983), "Oorkavalan" (1987) and "Panakkaran" (1990), was the film's co-producer, along with V. Rajammal and V. Thamilazhagan.