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grishashvili              kidykas              shtoda              dreibergs              dusica              kaljuvee              militsa              czerniawska              klova              tyldumivar              asimakis              rakova              antonij              anzelm              latal              gustavovich              poltera              gierlach              wrangelska              melidoni              tonovi              trahir              jamanis              abramian              ellend              erzsebet              johanssonnils              talivaldis              potrc              kukura              kamenik              ottossongunde              zarezan              bistriz              kammererbotond              jeklin              maksis              pokorna              kersch              vysoke              rupprathtorsten              endzelins              nikagbatse              pollert              harasimowicz              herszel              zvonkov              brzezina              zagersdorf              kondratowicz             

Examples of "rastic"
Mark Faustin Galjuf (Marcus Faustinus Gagliuffius, 1765–1834) said of himself, ""Sort Ragusinus, vita Italus, ore Latinus"" ("I'm from Dubrovnik, my life is in Italy and my language is Latin"). Often persecuted because of his political activities, he wandered through Europe celebrated as an improviser of Latin verses. Džono Rastic (Junius Restius, 1755–1814) was a satirist in Croatian Latinist poetry (""Carmina"", 1816) who was influenced by Horace (he is known as the Croatian Horace), Virgil and Juvenal. He was a critic of the late Dubrovnik Republic, arguing that any evil came from outside Dubrovnik.
Saint Blaise () is the patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik and formerly the protector of the independent Republic of Ragusa. At Dubrovnik his feast is celebrated yearly on 3 February, when relics of the saint, his head, a bit of bone from his throat, his right hand and his left, are paraded in reliquaries. The festivities begin the previous day, Candlemas, when white doves are released. Chroniclers of Dubrovnik such as Rastic and Ranjina attribute his veneration there to a vision in 971 to warn the inhabitants of an impending attack by the Venetians, whose galleys had dropped anchor in Gruž and near Lokrum, ostensibly to resupply their water but furtively to spy out the city's defenses. St. Blaise (Blasius) revealed their pernicious plan to Stojko, a canon of St. Stephen's Cathedral. The Senate summoned Stojko, who told them in detail how St. Blaise had appeared before him as an old man with a long beard and a bishop's mitre and staff. In this form the effigy of Blaise remained on Dubrovnik's state seal and coinage until the Napoleonic era.