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banijya              gramya              agrani              janardhan              grameena              bikas              sahakari              vysya              idbi              sahkari              alfalah              pubali              sangstha              patsanstha              hdfc              mandiri              mantri              icici              nabard              patsantha              ghanashyam              urja              gehlot              udyog              progoti              rastriya              balkrishna              mrigendra              shatruvu              shriram              pariwar              oswal              saderat              parmanand              ztbl              bhaban              chakki              sripat              annasaheb              unnayan              ramanbhai              kallyan              namal              suraksha              kshetriya              kotak              subedi              bijoy              nitesh              rajuk             

Examples of "rastra"
Acting Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank who signed on note.
In recent years, rastra made of five ballpoint pens have been marketed to students and composers.
Mr. Ishwori Prasad Bhattarai, ward no – 3 (Officer, Nepal Rastra Bank)
Gurkha Team: Sgt. Rastra Rai [ret] (20-Year Gurkha Soldier), Lt. John Conlin [ret] (Former Gurkha Commander)
Gurkha Team: Sgt. Rastra Rai [ret] (20-Year Gurkha Soldier), Lt. John Conlin [ret] (Former Gurkha Commander)
He has worked as an assistant director at the Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal) since 1988.
He is a Powerful leader with strong base in the Hyderabad city, even the TRS (Telangana Rastra Samithi)
Nepal Rastra Bank was established in 1956 under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 1955, to discharge the central banking responsibilities including guiding the development of the embryonic domestic financial sector. Since inception, there has been a significant growth in both the number and the activities of the domestic financial institutions.
As per section 14 of Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 2002, the Board of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) comprises seven members: four ex officio members - the Governor (who is the Chairman), the Secretary, Ministry of Finance, two Deputy Governors, and three other Directors, who are appointed from amongst the persons renowned in the field of Economics, Monetary, Banking, Finance and Commercial Laws.
Thastyron has a compressive strength of 56 pound-force per square inch (psi) and a tensile strength of 43 psi. Rastra has a low toxicity level. Rastra is highly frost, fungus, and mildew-resistant. The sound insulation is greater than 50 decibel(dB).
After Chandra Shumsher's death, his son Singha Shumsher JBR inherited the Thapathali Durbar Complex and named it Singha Mahal. Singha mahal is currently occupied by Nepal Rastra Bank.
The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) was established in April 26, 1956 and is the central bank of Nepal. It supervises the banks and financial institutions (licensed by the Bank) in Nepal and guides monetary policy. Nepal Rastra Bank also oversees foreign exchange rates and the country's foreign exchange reserves and regulates the foreign exchange policy. The bank is one of the principal owners of the Nepal Stock Exchange.
Rastra is a tradename for a particular insulating concrete form (ICF) used to make walls for buildings. It is one of the earliest such products, in production since 1972, and is composed of concrete and thastyron. Thastyron is a mixture of plastic foam and binder that is composed of eighty-five percent recycled post consumer polystyrene waste that are molded into blocks. The main components of rastra are cement, water and expanded polystyrene.
Rastra Gaurav Man Padavi (, "Order of National Pride") is the second highest civilian award of the Nepal. Instituted in 2010, the award is conferred for contribution to the nation.
NMB Bank Limited licensed as “A” class financial institution by Nepal Rastra Bank in May 2008 has been operating in the Nepalese Financial market for over twenty years and is one of the leading commercial banks in the banking industry.
In 2012, Nepal Rastra Bank issued a revised banknote series that are similar to the 2007 series, but now include inscriptions in English and the year of issue on the back.
In 2012, Nepal Rastra Bank issued a revised banknote series that are similar to the 2007 series, but now include inscriptions in English and the date of issue on the back.
Prominent Telugu poet Tummala Seetarama Murthy who composed works like "Rastra ganamu", "Atmarpanamu" was born in Kavuru village of this mandal. He was awarded Sahitya Academy award in 1969.
Newspapers available in all parts of Jamwa Ramgarh are Hindi dailies such as Rajasthan Patrika,Dainik Bhaskar,Daily News,Dainik Nav jyoty,Rastra doot, Times Of India, DNA, HT, Chaukadi News. and others.
Chakravarti Sulibele (Chakravarti Mithun) is a Kannada-language Indian writer who, as of 2016, has written and published 15 books. He has involved in social service through Rastra Shakthi Kendra. He is one of the founders of Yuva Brigade