Synonyms for rategain or Related words with rategain

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Examples of "rategain"
In 2013, the company gained B2B partnerships with TripAdvisor, a global travel website, which provides information and reviews of travel-related content and RateGain, who specializes in hospitality and travel technology solutions.
ChannelGain is a product by a company called RateGain. Its main purpose is to facilitate online distribution of room rates, availability, allocation and inventory of rooms for hotels to all their Online travel agencies(OTAs) for each of their selling dates.
RateGain integrated with Cultuzz in the same year enabling its hotels to generate bookings from eBay, thus allowing hoteliers to place their rooms on auctions, assign a start price and sell it to the highest bidder. This enabled hoteliers to leverage local events, festivals, celebrity shows etc.