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Examples of "realacci"
Originally "Rutelliani" were the secular-liberal faction within Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy, including Paolo Gentiloni, Ermete Realacci, Linda Lanzillotta, Gianni Vernetti and Roberto Giachetti. During Veltroni's leadership, some of these people, including Gentiloni (now one of the leaders of Liberal PD) and Realacci, distanced from Rutelli, who took a more conservative approach, and became "Veltroniani".
The EcoDem fought the election for the Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Party on 14 October 2007 within the Environment, Innovation, Labour list, led by Realacci along with Giovanna Melandri and Luigi Nicolais. The list scored 8.1% at the election and the EcoDem elected more than 100 delegates to the Assembly. Following this promising result, Realacci and Della Seta were appointed by PD leader Walter Veltroni heads of Communication and Environment departments, respectively.
The candidacy of Marino might have prompted an alternative bid of Paola Binetti, leader of the socially conservative Theo-Dems, but she finally chose to support Franceschini, along with Rutelli, as also Ermete Realacci, leader of the Democratic Ecologists did.
However in June 2009 all "Rutelliani", including Gentiloni and Realacci, rallied again around Rutelli and joined his new association, the Free Democrats and chose to support the candidacy of Dario Franceschini in the 2009 Democratic Party leadership election. In the aftermath of the election, which saw the victory of Pier Luigi Bersani, Rutelli and a large portion of the faction left the party in order to set up an independent party, Alliance for Italy. Some "Rutelliani", including Gentiloni and Realacci, chose to remain in the PD and, since September 2010, were part of Veltroni's Democratic Movement.
During Walter Veltroni's leadership of the party, some "Rutelliani" (such as Gentiloni and Realacci) seemed to distance from Rutelli, who was taking a more conservative approach. Moreover, some of them even took part to the foundation of other factions, such as Liberal PD (Gentiloni, Lanzillotta, Vernetti, etc.) and the Democratic Ecologists (Realacci, Della Seta, Ferrante, etc.), also because Rutelli decided not to organize his faction after the 2007 Democratic Party leadership election. However, after Veltroni's departure from party leadership, Rutelli was able to rally again all his followers within the Free Democrats.
Launched by Ermete Realacci and Fabrizio Vigni, the faction is composed by both former members of Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy (Realacci, Roberto Della Seta, Francesco Ferrante, etc.) and the Democrats of the Left (Vigni, Sergio Gentili, Gianni Mattioli, Edo Ronchi, Massimo Scalia, etc.). Most of these people were once members of the Federation of the Greens who left it between 1999 and 2004, after that Luigi Manconi (who also joined the Democrats) left the party's leadership and the Greens experienced a far-left political transformation under Grazia Francescato and Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio.
During Veltroni's leadership, leading "Veltroniani" were Goffredo Bettini, Giorgio Tonini and Enrico Morando. Then there was a group of former "Rutelliani", including notably Paolo Gentiloni and Ermete Realacci, who became very close to Veltroni and to his idea of Democratic Party. In strict terms "Veltroniani" are generally progressives and modernizers, as opposed to "Dalemiani" who are more traditional social democrats.
In the 2013 general election very few EcoDem were included in the party's lists and only Realacci was elected, however, after the election, other Democrats joined the faction. These included Alessandro Bratti, who was elected president of the faction in July 2014.
The group comprised both liberals and Christian democrats who wanted the PD to be modelled on the example of the United States Democratic Party and consider social democracy as obsolete in the 21st century. In fact the followers of Rutelli, the so-called "Rutelliani", included both the secular-liberal faction of the late DL (Paolo Gentiloni, Ermete Realacci and his group of ecologists, Linda Lanzillotta, Gianni Vernetti, Roberto Giachetti, etc.), who represented the more free market-oriented wing of the PD, and the socially conservative Theo-Dems (Paola Binetti, Luigi Bobba, Enzo Carra, Donato Mosella, etc.), who were on the right of the party on moral issues. As told, there was also a group of ecologists from "Legambiente", the largest environmentalist association n Italy (Realacci, Roberto Della Seta, Francesco Ferrante, etc.).
On 21 November, the new logo was unveiled; it depicts the party acronym PD with colours reminiscent of the Italian tricolour flag (green, white and red) and features an olive branch, the historical symbol of The Olive Tree. In the words of Ermete Realacci, green represents the ecologist and social-liberal cultures, white is for the Catholic solidarity and red for the socialist and social-democratic traditions. The "green-white-red" idea was coined by Schettini during his campaign.
After the departure of Veltroni from party leadership in February 2009, "Veltroniani" talked about organizing their faction, but finally there was a split between the staunch supporters of the new leader Dario Franceschini and those who soon started to criticize him. The first group includes mainly centrist figures, notably Tonini and Realacci, while the latter, mainly social democrats coming from the Italian Communist Party, led by Bettini and Michele Meta, launched a new faction, the Democrats in Network.
In 2006, at the request of Commander Chessa's sons, the Livorno public prosecutor opened a new inquiry into the disaster. New images of the disaster were found in the offices of the Livorno public prosecutor, confirming the presence of satellite reconnaissance of the area on the night of the collision. In 2009 the association of victims relatives asked president Giorgio Napolitano to ask Barack Obama to disclose the radar recordings, satellite images and any other information available to American authorities. In April 2009, parliamentarian Ermete Realacci called for a new inquiry into the alleged presence of other ships, especially of the US Navy, in the harbor on the night of the disaster.
Three national lists supported the candidacy of Veltroni. The bulk of the former Democrats of the Left ("Veltroniani", "Dalemiani", "Fassiniani"), the "Rutelliani" of Francesco Rutelli (including the Theo-Dem), The Populars of Franco Marini, Liberal PD, the Social Christians and smaller groups (Middle Italy, European Republicans Movement, Reformist Alliance and the Reformists for Europe) formed a joint-list named "Democrats with Veltroni" (43.7%). The Democratic Ecologists of Ermete Realacci, together with Giovanna Melandri and Cesare Damiano, formed "Environment, Innovation and Labour" (8.1%). The Democrats, Laicists, Socialists, Say Left and the Labourites – Liberal Socialists presented a list named "To the Left" (7.7%). Local lists in support of Veltroni got 16.4%.
In November 2006 Pecoraro Scanio's political line was confirmed in a party congress, but the Greens also tried to re-open the doors to all former members. The attempt of re-uniting the Italian Greens failed as soon as in January 2007, when Mattioli, Scalia and Corleone finally left the party, citing that it was drifting too much the far-left, and announced their intention to participate to the foundation of the Democratic Party (PD). Within the PD, they joined the Democratic Ecologists' faction, which already included many former Greens (Manconi, Ronchi, Lino De Benetti, Stefano Semenzato, Ermete Realacci, Gianni Vernetti, Franco Piro, Francesco Ferrante, Carla Rocchi, etc.). As a result, "Legambiente", the largest ecologist association of Italy, showed more support for the PD than the Greens themselves.
After organizing a convention of "scrappers" in Florence in November 2010, Renzi repeated the event in November 2011 under the Big Bang name. Leading Democrats who took part to the convention included Sergio Chiamparino, Arturo Parisi, Graziano Delrio, Ermete Realacci, Andrea Marcucci and Roberto Giachetti, but most of the speakers were people from the civil society, mainly entrepreneurs, artists and intellectuals. Among the ideas espoused by Renzi and his fellow Big-Bangers, many were genuinely liberal for a social-democratic party: labour market flexibility, abolition of professional bars, pension reform and cuts in public sector. This was seens as the platform for a Renzi's run for prime-ministerial candidate of the PD. Renzi's group was dubbed by some journalists as the party's "new right".