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Examples of "realbasic"
There is also a REALbasic implementation of Sparkle that works on macOS, Windows and Linux: RBSparkle.
RapidQ's author, William Yu, sold the source code to REAL Software, the makers of REALbasic, in 2000.
Drivers and adaptors include Apple WebObjects, PHP3, PHP4, Perl, ODBC, JDBC, Omnis Studio, REALBasic, Tcl, EOF, FBAccess and FBCAccess.
"OSAXen Fixer" is a utility that allows REALbasic to directly call on Scripting Additions without going through AppleScript.
In 2004 REAL software announced the "Made with REALbasic Showcase" program to highlight applications created with the product. In 2009, a migration assistant was launched to help move code from Visual Basic. In 2010, to combat the perception that REALbasic was similar to the original BASIC, it was renamed Real Studio.
Kellner's Applesoft BASIC source code has been available since 1979. The game was later ported to modern REALbasic and released as free and open-source software for many platforms like Windows and macOS.
A REALbasic implementation, rbKarel, provides the basic Karel commands within an RBScript environment with BASIC syntax being used for loops and conditionals. This teaching project provides a cross-platform GUI for Karel experiments including single-stepping and spoken output.
Most well known for his Macintosh computer books, he has also written for various computer periodicals, including MacWorld, MacAddict, MacTech and REALbasic Developer. He is currently self-employed as a software consultant.
ChitChat was an offshoot of "miChat!", a Yahoo! Chat program for Macintosh computers written by J. Seth Lowe in the REALbasic programming language. In late 2000, Seth publicly asked for other REALbasic programmers to join the project, in the hope that it would spawn a number of competing Yahoo! Chat clients and enrich the Macintosh experience. A programmer by the name of Tomis Erwin responded to this query. After collaborating on several features, Seth encouraged him to take free rein in creating his own client from the miChat code base.
In REALbasic, there is a class called RBScript which can execute REALbasic code at runtime. RBScript is very sandboxed—only the most core language features are there, and you have to allow it access to things you want it to have. You can optionally assign an object to the context property. This allows for the code in RBScript to call functions and use properties of the context object. However, it is still limited to only understanding the most basic types, so if you have a function that returns a Dictionary or MySpiffyObject, RBScript will be unable to use it. You can also communicate with your RBScript through the Print and Input events.
Adobe Director, AutoIt, C#, C/C++, Cocoa, Delphi, Flash AS3, Flex AS3, Java, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Max/MSP, Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5, Python Module (version:, REALBasic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic Script, Visual C/C++/Borland and FlowStone.
In 1999, the business began also developing products in REALbasic. These new products, such as Alarm Clock Pro (a time management utility), Password Retriever (password database utility), and Contact Keeper (simple address book), not being games, the organization rebranded itself as Koingo Software.
Destructors in Xojo (REALbasic) can be in one of two forms. Each form uses a regular method declaration with a special name (with no parameters and no return value). The older form uses the same name as the Class with a ~ (tilde) prefix. The newer form uses the name codice_16. The newer form is preferred because it makes refactoring the class easier.
WASTE is a popular third party library used in many Macintosh applications, formerly under the Classic Mac OS and more recently under Mac OS X, including Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Outlook for Mac, REALbasic, and Tex-Edit Plus.
Cabos was a free gnutella file sharing program. It was based on LimeWire's source code, and had a similar feel in terms of interface. However, it lacked the chat and library features found in LimeWire. Also, while LimeWire is completely written in Java, the GUI of Cabos was wrote in REALbasic.
Many languages support call by reference in some form or another, but comparatively few use it as a default. FORTRAN II is an early example of a call-by-reference language. A few languages, such as C++, PHP, Visual Basic .NET, C# and REALbasic, default to call by value, but offer special syntax for call-by-reference parameters. C++ additionally offers call by reference to const.
OpenBase SQL is a relational database server software, originally developed for the OpenStep platform. First released in 1991, OpenBase is available today for several platforms, although the bulk of its users are on Mac OS X. The system supports common access methods via JDBC and C, however it is optimized for use in conjunction with a variety of Macintosh-based development tools like WebObjects, RealBasic and Omnis Studio.
The HyperNext language can be extended with user-defined or third-party plugins developed using HyperNext Developer. HyperNext also has the ability to run RBscripts at runtime so allowing users to make their own programmable applications. There is a wide range of RBscript code and similar BASIC code already available at various sites on the internet. RBscript is a version of REALbasic, a modern object-oriented BASIC developed by REAL Software.
In 1997 FYI Software, founded by Geoff Perlman, bought CrossBasic, which had been marketed by its author Andrew Barry as a shareware product. CrossBasic got its name from its ability to compile the same programming code for Mac OS and the Java virtual machine (although the integrated development environment was Mac only). A public beta was released in April 1996. The CrossBasic name was trademarked by another company, so the product was renamed REALbasic.
ChitChat was an open source instant messaging client for Mac OS X supporting the Yahoo! Messenger protocol. It enabled users to chat with each other over the global Yahoo! chat system. The last version, ChitChat 1.2, had a more refined user interface, speed improvements, Address Book support, IM reformatting, an improved events system, and numerous bug fixes. ChitChat was programmed in the REALBasic programming environment.